December 31, 2008

It's the end of the world as we know it.

Holy cow! It's the official last day of the year! Yay! Last New Years Eve was spent at Disneyland, or was intended to, but by 7pm we were pooped so we drove home and watched the ball drop on TV. I have been to Times Square on New Years and let me tell you, it smells and there is far too much groping for my taste. But it's great fun if you're with your sis and two best friends who are really more like your sisters. I've also spent New Years at Disneyland (and actually made it through the day). Not cool. Well really it was just that particular day and the particular folks who were there that day, and the particular fact that some genius wore flip flops and it rained and then started to get hypothermia and almost died that night. Not really, so much as I almost felt like dying. So usually I just stay home. I'm the world's biggest homebody actually. I mean I like to go out, but I get claustrophobic (which is why the thought of coal mines and caves literally makes me want to cry and have a panic attack) and I don't like big crowds and I really hate useless noise (there's enough at home anyways). SO tonight I'll be living it up with some French Champagne, and my family. But I do really like New Years. It's a time to reflect and evaluate, and look back with fondness and sadness. So here's the recap for the Year of 2008:

(I'm having a horrible time remembering this year....)

Let's see So I don't remember much about the beginning of this year. I think my evil grandparents came for a visit, nope that was the year before, because I was still working at the church! Oh I remember this year! I was depressed. How jolly! No but really I was in a fink and had finally started to emerge from it. Let's see, I got a "job" working at a tutoring centre as a music teacher, then turns out the guy never intended on paying any of us, so I left, then school started and I took Chatterjee's class. Wow. Chatterjee changed me forever. It was English 1B and we read Kafka, Freud, some feminist poetry, as well as some love poetry that he interpreted as being all about Oedipal sex. First off I hated that man, secondly, that was possibly one of the most hilariously annoying classes known to man. Thirdly Freud was a wanker and I do not need therapy because I have memories from before I was two. I don't think I have ever been as outspoken in a class before! I'm not even kidding you that class will go down in the Ashley Barrett hall of fame. What' sad is that I actually enjoyed reading Kafka. Granted it was deranged, and retarded, and slightly disturbing, but the stories were enjoyable in a deranged and slightly disturbing way. I actually really enjoyed reading the Penal Colony. And that was my favourite paper that I wrote too. Then came the English 1B students vs. Chatterjee the douche bag, shouting match of '08. Wow that was a fun day and it was all me and my crocheting's fault! Chatterjee swore to never again teach 1B, and some dude finally let him have it, which resulted in the last two weeks of class being cancelled, and Chatterjerk's ego, id, and unconscious all being bruised. Then he gave me a friggin B. Intermixed with this I started working in my dad's office, and had some retarded drama, which was 99.9 1/2% my fault and .1/2% the other party's fault. Also I was in choir and actually enjoyed it. Then I grew up. That was the biggy. Like the major biggy. I came out of hibernation and re awoke the brat inside me. Well I began this process at least. And it was the good brat. Also I got really into french fashion at this point. Then Summer came. I watched alot of movies and made both Netflix, and Blockbuster very rich. And I discovered surfing, and how much I love it. Then we went to Portland and I almost died of loving it so much. And I peirced my nose! Then life went on and I worked, I turned 21 and then school started, which was a joke, then I almost died in a car accident, had several epiphanies, then I dropped 90% of my classes, and figured out my plan for life. And then school went on and I thought it would never end, and I decided that speech is the most useless class ever created. Then I lost a butt load of weight.

So here we are at the end of the year. My Christmas was lovely! We got a wii and I am fairly convinced that wiifit is trying to kill me. However we have mastered Rock Band and are superfly rock stars now. Also I have no ability to play Mario Kart, which is okay, but highly frustrating. AND!!!!!! My parents gave me money for a down payment on a car!!!! I still have to save a lot of money before I can buy one, but still that was pretty ace.
So I've made my resolutions and am really excited to see was 2009 brings!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year!


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  1. i love wii cracks me up....we played the ski jump until we couldn't stand up.

    have a great new year's eve.