January 16, 2009


I just read that blog that came up on Yahoo's entertainment features. It was about the top ten spending indulgences of musicians. It made me laugh and realize that if I was ever to be a celebrity, I would probably suck at it. I mean I don't like designer clothes, I like to drive crappy cars, I'm okay with drinking cheap beer, I prefer crappy apartments to big glorious houses, and $20 will always be a lot of money to me. I'm not joking. The most I've ever spent on a bag was 35$ and it almost killed me. If I find something for $5 then it's totally a bargain, and I do actually wait until everything is on final clearance to buy it. We went to fashion island down in San Diego on my birthday (not because I particularly wanted to go to fashion island, but it was there and designer stuff tend to tickle my mother's fancy. But she's not like a whore for it, she just likes to touch it all mostly.) and there was an adorable pair of boots. They were $765. $765!!!! Who pays that for a pair of shoes! They had the same shoe at payless a week later for $15! I'll never understand how people justify buying crap like that. I mean really, why don't you get the payless kind and give the $750 you have leftover to the starving women in Africa? They you'll get a cool pair of shoes, and help out someone. I don't know how you could sleep after buying like that. But then again I could live off of thrift stores and Chipotle for the rest of my life.
So I've been noticing that I actually get quite a bit of traffic here on my little ditty of a blog. That's cool and all, but um I don't really understand why people don't stop for a second and say, "oh hey hi, I think you're funnier than a hyena on speed", or "dude wtf? are you for real? I bet people hate you. you should be on the terrorist hit list", or "'ello, mine name iz Dr. Frutzenhutzlehousen, Dr, ov mental illness. Ve fink you vould be a an excelent candidate for and experimental drug programme. Please contact me, Miz Barrett zo fvat ve may furzer our research." Really now, how hard is that? The answer: not hard at all. *on a side not, I think that I forgot to put deodorant on one of my armpits. It doesn't smell or anything, I just can't remember doing it....* So leave a note, a comment, a hate letter, and let me know how I'm doing. Cool.
When did I become "cute"? I just want to know when this happened. For the last few weeks I have been getting all kinds of people telling me how incredibly "cute" I am. A lady I met a few years ago commented on my facebook saying I was "just as cute as ever". I was never aware that I was cute. I'm not saying I think I'm ugly, or beautiful, or whatever, but I never thought of the word "cute" to describe me. Makes alot of sense though. I mean people seem to think that it's okay to call me "kiddo", and kiddos are cute I guess. Seriously though I don't understand the "kiddo" thing. This one guy who "led" music at my grandparents church for a while called me kiddo all the time, like I'm pretty sure he thought that was actually my name. I absolutely hated being called that, so I called him "Donny-boy" which seemed to annoy him (his name was Don and he was one of those macho cop kinda guys). Then I was walking down the hall in the office today and the guy who's office is across from mine was all, "hey there kiddo." I am 21 years old. What about me is "kiddo" ish? Sure I am a bit on the child-like side, but that doesn't mean I can be called kiddo. I think I'm going to start calling people "old-fart-o" when they drop a kiddo on me. It really is almost as annoying as being called Ash by total strangers. It's not like I introduce myself as Ash. No I say "hello I am Ashley, but I hate my name and it's genericness, and how it doesn't fit me." So how is it that people translate that into "oh hey I'll call her Ash!" Sure once you know me I'll let it slide, but really it drives me nutso. For a while I was called Lee, or Lee-Lee. Like as in Sobieski. But that didn't really work so well for me. Most people think I fit my middle name better than my first, cuz it's kinda a grandma name, but it sucks almost as much as Ashley. What is it you ask? I was going to not say, but since everyone I know seems to think it's funny to tell people my middle name and I'm sure I'd get like a bazillion comments saying "OMG! here's her middle name!" I'll just tell you. ready? okay. here it goes.... Louise. I know... But back to the whole point of this paragraph, when did I become cute? This is actually kinda bothersome....
In other news I figured out what was bothering me about my novel. There was this one section that just kinda happened, and it's very emotional and then it pops into even more panicky emotion. So i figured out what needs to happen there, which actually ends up explaining things better and explains what happens later better, and then the ending works even better. So that was cool. and then this morning I was writing and suddenly BAM! something happened that I did not see coming. I totally set it up, but never brought it to fruition because I didn't think it was a. necessary, or b. helpful. Except I was wrong, because it ended up being very helpful, so that was cool. Oh and no I haven't fixed my computer. It's still being an ass-hole. I'm going to have to take it back to my Pakistani friend on Monday and cry a little. Good thing that stupid piece of crap is still under warranty.
Tomorrow I'm going thrifting in an effort to find some clothes that fit me. I'm down to like two or three outfits that are getting a little boring. So I shall bring a camera and show what I buy. Here's hoping it's a successful day.
OH! And yay! I'm getting voice lessons again! Yay! Starting next Thursday! I'm very excited! Mostly cuz my teacher is a major hottie. When he teaches choir, there are alot of girls in the group. But in all reality he's probably the best teacher I've ever had. He seems to understand the jungle that is my brain and it's inner workings better than anyone else I've ever met. He thinks it's funny to tell me truths about myself, that I'm to stupid to see at the time, and then watch the light bulbs pop in my head. I used to tell people that voice lessons with him are better than therapy. Wow I just totally made myself sound like some weepy, depressed loser. Well granted for a while there I was, but not so much anymore. But really he's incredibly good. He makes you really connect with the music and the words and make it your own. So I am bookoo excited about that. And no I do not know how to spell Boo-koo. Deal with it.
Remember that stupid lady who called me Wednesday about the printer problems? Well She called me three times yesterday with new problems and I think her cat died now, and I finally realized that she's one of those people who don't want to fix their own problems, but want someone else to wave their magic wand and fix everything for them. I was apparently the token wand waver this week. Well my dad was just on the phone with her and she was lamenting all her woes about the damn printer when my dad said this rather loudly: "well Ashley is actually the idiot-savant here. She's a very gifted musician and not the brightest bulb when it come to office procedure, But she knows her way around a computer better than anyone gives her credit for. It's actually kind of funny." Word for word that is what he just told her. Well golly dad thanks a bundle! not only am I now a cute kiddo, but I'm also an idiot savant. He said he didn't mean it as an insult, and I'm not sure whether I am insulted, or whether I think it's hilarious... Either way, way to go me! *Edit* y'know what's funny? I actually bought him Chipotle for lunch today out of the goodness of my heart.... this is what I get in return.....
*Edit* I also thought I should mention this just to clear up any confusion. Remember the baby dream from last week and my apparent freak out over it? Remember how I talked about this one woman who is all hot an bothered to hook me up with her son? I would like to say that this person does not actually exist. There isn't anyone hounding me about meeting their son, nor do I have a desire for this to happen. I thought I should clear that up since my mom and a few people who read (but don't comment!) have asked me who this person is. She doesn't exist! So we're all clear on that now right? Cool...
Okay I've got stuff to do and only two hours of work left to do them.
(and leave me a comment for crap's sake!)

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  1. here's your comment for crap's sake!

    but hahaha, printer-woman, i swear when its time for day light savings time, she's going to ask you how to change the time on her oven...and television...and wristwatch...etc etc.

    but whoa, $750 for shoes?? but i bet for all those rich folks, that seems like $20 to us, but daaaamn...i wish i had an extra $750 right now....