January 21, 2009

Due to a lack of brain function this post probably won't offend you.

I have a theory about mornings and their level of good. It all rests on four things. Number one is the dream from the night before. Our dreams often shape how we see the day ahead. To hear about my dream and the musings on it go here. But know it was really good.

The second thing is the song that is stuck in your head. This was dodgy this morning. At first it was the song Hair fromt the musical Hair! which I love, but the dodgy part was the moment that changed into a Cheeta Girls song. Luckily though The 88 saved me and Love you anytime started playing. So that was good too.

The third thing is the co-operation level of your hair. I got mine cut yesterday. Notice the word "got". Yes someone else did it! I know I'm shocked too. But the point is that I really like it. Not love, but really like. It's not perfect, but it will be as soon as it startes to grow out. I got lots, and lots o' layers. With my hair being wavy layers are the perfect wash and go hairstyle for me. Today it was wonderfully co-operative. I even curled it a little. I know crazy. So that was good.

The final variable in having a good morning is the weather. IT'S RAINING!!!!!! I'm happy! Yay! So that's good, and also explains why my hair is working.
And it's Chipotle Wednesday! So today is a great day.
In other news we got a turtle. I'm fairly certain it is plotting my demise. It's evil. Fraser named it Fred or Frank or Ferdinand or something, and informed me that he was learning his "attack poses" because he, the turtle, thought that the turtle in the reflection on the wall of it's tank was actually and evil turtle come to steal it's home. I don't like the turtle. It's eyes follow me whenever I walk past the damn thing. If I don't wake up one of these days, it's cuz Florence killed me.
I was going to show you pics of my new hair, but my mom took the camera with her on a feild trip, so sometime this weekend I'll show you.
And that's it. Sorry if this is a disapointing post. It's short (well for me) and not as funny as I'm sure you all expect, but my brain is in a million more places than usual. So have a wonderful day!

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