January 22, 2009

Rabbits, Arizona, Tattoos and Dreds

I'm working on my American Idol post, but I thought I'd take a momentary break while I'm on my lunch break.

Here's some news: My mom came home with two rabbits yesterday evening. I'm allergic to rabbits. And they live by Francisco, so good times the three of them are probably trying to plot together. I don't understand why my mother insists on bringing more animals into our house. There was a time when we had 17 animals, and none of those were siblings. There was a bird, a hampster, a dog, some crabs, 10 chickens (no joke), and I'm sure there was something else there that I'm forgetting. We managed to kill all but the chickens, who were sold to a chicken farmer, and the dog, who we left with a girl on a farm in Oregon. Trust me it was better for all that he is up there. But anyways the rabbits run around the house and are named Hans, as in the skates and Pachebell, as in the Canon. Cool names, but inherently evil. And now my dad is trying to convince my mom to get a Farret when we're in Arizona this weekend.
Oh did I mention I have to go to Arizona this weekend? No. Well joy to the friggin world I have to go to Arizona this weekend. I mean I'm all about the reason we're going, but not so much on the who's that are going to be there.... Urg... Not happy with this, but alas... Also It's supposed to rain the whole weekend here, and I'm gonna miss two days of it. Why do people even live in Arizona? I mean they do realize that the name means "arid zone?" right? And have you ever noticed that no one actually lives in Arizona, just their family? I'm not trying to hate on Arizona. If you like it, then good for you. You're not so lame that you live in Utah, but not cool enough to live in California. As a native of San Diego though, anything east of Imperial Valley in a part of Arizona, so y'know... I'm just annoyed with having to go.... maybe I'll find a thrift store to make me happy? But Lauren, Chelsea's friend, is coming along with us, which is sure to be awesome. Lauren is a representation of everything good about being a teenager. seriously. She's one awesome kid. So that will be fun. A five hour drive with Lauren may cause some injuries though...
In other news I have decided to compile a list of all the things I am going to do this year, like random stuff that I've always said I would do, but haven't thus far in my life. Here's the short list that I've got so far:
1. Get two tattoos.
2. Learn to play the banjo.
3. Make-out with a celebrity on the street.
4. Start a band.
5. Get dreds
6. Move out
The last one is sadly the most realistic. I really don't like needles so I'm not sure how I'd do with getting a tattoo. But I'm thinking for my 22nd birthday I'll do it. Mostly cuz I'm getting old and decrepit and going senile. And while I do think the banjo is the coolest thing this side of the rio grande, I have to afford one first. Dear Rob Pattinson watch out if you are walking the streets of Los Angeles and some crazy brunette come running at you. It's me and I have a list to accomplish. I've always wanted to start a band. Like so bad. I have some genius band ideas. anyone who's interested hit me up. And the whole dreds thing... I think they're cool! I want to have them! I will someday have them! But probably not this year. Then there's moving out. If I've done my math right (which there is no gaurentee I have) I will be able to move out at the end of September, which will be cool, because Bri is getting married in the beginning of September, so while she's packing up her crap I can pack up mine and make sure she doesn't take anything. And I've decided to move to Portland. So yay for me!
Okay I am leaving now. I have work to do and then a voice lesson to go to.


  1. you're moving to portland? whyyyyyyyyy?

    you gals need to bully michael into driving ya'll up here so we can chitty chit-chat and visit and such.

    i am so shocked...well kind of.

  2. why does this surprise you? and it's cuz I want to! And I agree that we need to go see ya'll