February 19, 2009

Chocolate wine, and tea cup bracelets.

Last night I had a really wonderful shopping excursion with my lovely mom. My mom is way cooler than your mom. Don't argue, you won't win. Remind me to someday tell you about how crazy my childhood-up until I was 15-hood was. My mom is basically my best friend. She's my confidant, my shoulder, my encourager, my 'get your act together Ashley L***** Barrett*'-er. We took my brothers and sisters to their respective church activities and then went shopping. First stop Target: My danged shampoo has been discontinued at target meaning I have to pay twice as much for it at Albertson's or something. So I bought what is basically the same thing but in a different brand. Pissed me off though! I also bought Lily Allen's new album which I haven't listened to yet. I have high hopes. Then we went over to Joann's. I have been jonesing to make something really cute for St Patrick's day so I went to look at fabric. FYI St. Patrick's day is my second favourite holiday. I love it! So I'm super excited for what this is going to become:

Then I went to World Market. My sister told me about a pair of earrings that she thought I'd like. I hated the earrings, but loved this bracelet:

Here's the top view. I love it very much!

I also found this, which looks really yummy. Plus it was on clearance for $10.

Then I saw this:

I have no idea why I bought this. I think it had to do with the fact that it had a hot pink label and a black bottle. I have a thing for that colour combo. It is also very yummy. I can only drink a little wine at a time because it tends to give me a headache, so I figure this bottle will last me a few years!

I always check out the tea and coffee selection just to see what's brewing (I laughed out loud at this horrible pun.). And I came upon this:

I hope that by now you will know why I bought it. If not you're living under a rock. I'll give you a hint: Edward Cullen = hot, hot, hot! I couldn't not buy it. Delaney is trying to steal it from me. I think I'm gonna buy her one to give her for her birthday.

After observing my selections from World Market I have to say I think this is the oddest array of things I've ever bought. I'm always afraid that the cashiers at stores look at me funny when I buy random stuff, and wonder why the crap I'm buying all this. I think this is because when I was a cashier at Target, I would wonder why people bought half the crap they bought. Oh you didn't know I cashiered at Target. I did. For three weeks. They fired me for working too hard, but that is another story for another time. They still owe me money too. Well maybe not. They owed me $21 for the last day that I worked there. Then about a year and a half ago I got a notice that they were being sued for some reason. I ended up getting a check for like $5.50. Whoo-hoo. I got another notice that they are getting sued on Tuesday. My part in this one is anywhere between something like $17.45- $88.64, or some such numbers. Hey maybe I'll come out even in the end.

This last thing my mom and dad bought me while in Portland from my favourite vintage shop. I'm very excited for the possibilities. It's brooch by the by.

It was a very successful night and I spent more $$ than I should, but alas! While out my mom and I had some good conversations (even though every time I got to the good part of a story she'd interrupt me) and we had some very good tunes. So thanks mom for the night. I had a lot of fun!
*Don't bother asking what my middle name is. I revealed it in a much earlier post, so either go find it, or live without knowing.

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  1. the man who owns the vineyard that produced that wine graduated from my department at ucla!