February 21, 2009

I give you winter: The California Edition

Happy 12th Birthday Eric!!!!

I realize that I don't usually blog about Eric. While all my siblings are crazy and hilarious in their own special way, Eric is frankly the bomb. Or as the boys I grew up with would say "Da Bomb"*. I can't believe he's already 12! I'm ten years older than Eric and he's the one who's birthday always freaks me out. Eric is one of the absolutely coolest (and I honestly mean that) kids ever! He's got bright red hair, a hilarious smile and laugh, a sharp wit, and a knack for computer hacking (or so I've been told). He's horribly smart and nerdy, and Eric I love you so much!

We're spending his birthday in the wonderful world of Disneyland where we will gorge ourselves at Goofy's Kitchen. Love you Eric! Have a happy birthday!

Eric is not actually a stoner. he just looks like one. I promise.

*I'm a child of the 90's, and this was usually said in refference to mountain dew.

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  1. your family looks like a bunch of stoner tree huggers in that picture...