February 6, 2009

I like the shinyness if my breasts...*

I just found the coolest download. It's called Poladroid. I found it via the blog She's a Betty. I'm still working on my American Idol post. I wrote the whole damn thing last night, then as I went to post it, the Internet freaked out and so only about half of it was saved. Alas. It's rainy and cold here and I'm loving that, but I would really love to go home and curl up in my bed and read a book with a hot beverage. I'm on my fifth cup of coffee so far, and no matter how much I have I still feel sleepy and lethargic... I have no reason to be so tired. I slept great last night! No joke! I mean I slept soundly listening to the rain through my cracked open window, and I was nice and warm in my bed. I woke up to my alarm having had a very nice dream that involved no babies. Then I went back to sleep for some inexplicable reason and though I continuously woke up for the next two hours to remind myself that I needed to get up, I still slept. It's not that I'm actually tired, just sleepy. Weird. This weekend should be fun times, filled with sisterhood and Coraline. I do promise that I am taking a week's hiatus for real now. And if any rich millionaires are planning on dying this weekend, I'm more than happy to be your heir. There are far too many shoes I want to buy.
Tootles loves!
*This is about the picture on your right. I don't really have shiny boobs. That would be weird and possibly uncomfortable for the people around me.

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