February 28, 2009

It's hard to stop and smell the roses when you can't smell a thing.

It is killing me not to have a camera! I just got back from Salvation Army and ended up dropping $138, and having two of their huge bags overflowing with some AMAZING things! For a while I've been thinking of starting an eBay store and selling the things that I find that are either not my style or too small, or too big, or... So Chelsea and Delaney and I went to Salvo's and all walked away with some awesome stuff. I bought a jillion (no joke I counted) dresses. My mom has expressed an interest in buying some off me, but the rest I'll be selling. I'll let you know when this comes about. (I hear a camera is helpful in online selling).
In other news My whole family seems to have this horrid cold that makes breathing a little hard. To add to this, I felt the need to rub and angora sweater in my face while shopping today. I'm allergic to angora. Apparently the car smells bad, but I wouldn't know.
This past week I've been gathering ideas for clothing for spring. There's no such thing as spring in California, we mostly call it Santa Ana Winds Season. It's like a slightly milder summer. However I am determined to put a very lovely spring wardrobe together. My mom and I have been brainstorming on all these things we want to make and whatnot, so I am very excited for the possibilities.
So I have this idea that I think would be fun. I came up with it in my spring clothing search. I'm going to post a theme each Sunday night. It can be whatever, and anyone who wants to join in, will use this theme as inspiration for one (or more if you so desire) outfit during the week. If you participate then leave me a comment with a link to photos of your outfit. I'll do my own during the week and post here. I think it will be really fun to see what everyone can come up with from just one theme. Does anyone else think this would be fun/cool/interesting?
And lastly I'm bringing back TDI. Remember? "Three Days In..."? Well I'm not going to be lazy about it now and do one each week. Maybe on Fridays or something, but it'll come back.
Okay I'm off to go blow my nose again, and see if I can't get that dern camera to work.

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