March 1, 2009


This is my hundredth post. Whohoo. I had meant for something a little more festive, but I'm feeling horrible (I became a mouth breather over night and actually can't talk very well), and I had another stinkin' baby dream! We were doing so well there what happened? Dag-nab-it!
But On the bright side I do happen to be drinking a really, and I mean REALLY, good cup of coffee out of my favourite mug. Jess got it for me for Christmas this year. It says this:
"I am mug of the drinkage for the sage of our times in the day is now drink."
Totally random, and totally me.
But I do have a point to my useless rambles. Ready?
So The two cameras I was looking into last week are on sale this week. One's a Nikon for $160. One's a Canon for $119. Both have the same megapixles, and zoom. So anyone who knows anything about cameras here is my question: Both are in my price range, and both appear to be a good camera, from what you tell me. So which should I go with?
Okay I'm off.

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  1. check to see what features each B/W pictures, macro shots, etc....I know Canon has a feature where it will only capture certain colors and everything else will be black and white.

    I have a Nikon, I wish I got a Canon instead, but they're both really dependable and satisfying brands.