March 4, 2009

Indecent Exposure

Today's Outfit:
Blouse- Ny & Co
Sweater- Thrifted
Skirt- Used to be a pair of jeans that I made into a skirt
Shoes- Payless
Bag- Vintage Dooney and Bourke from Salvation Army

Yesterday's outfit
Shirt- Kmart or something
Vest- The abyss known as my garage
Skirt- Target
Tights- Target and they're grey

I kinda look like a mole

Yesterday Eric wouldn't shower.

About three weeks ago my mom told Eric to shower and he wouldn't. After some cajoling, and a very firm conversation with my dad, Eric finally showered. During the conversation with my dad, Eric was told that he's better get used to showering now, because when he started to smell his sisters were not going to stand for that, and we had permission to strip and wash Eric like a baby. Eric blushed and showered.

We got Mario Kart along with our Wii for Christmas. Fraser scratched the disk, and we need to buy a new one. Eric has money from his birthday, enough to get Mario Kart. Eric won't shut up about getting the game. During one of his "if you take me to Target to get Mario Kart now, I'll do ___ for you, mom" conversations, my mom told him to go shower and be quiet. Eric wouldn't. My mom left for the bank, Eric tried to get me to take him to the stupid store to buy stupid Mario Kart. I told him to shower. He wouldn't. I told him, "Eric, dad has told us that we can shower you, if we need to, you'd better shower now, or Chel, Delaney and I will strip you down and throw you in the bath tub." he didn't listen. Eric should have listened. Chel and Dee took his legs, I got the arms. Eric is surprisingly heavy for his scrawny little self. Chel and I were panting by the time we got to the top of the stairs. We didn't think about taking him to the shower that was literally three feet away. So we drug him up the stairs. I think his head was under my skirt the whole time, which was all sorts of awkward, but it got better. We dropped him on the floor. I secured his arms while Chel unbuttoned his pants. She and Dee yanked. Eric "forgot" underwear yesterday. We were laughing so hard we could barely get his shirt off him. As soon as he was nude, he curled up in a tiny ball to cover in unmentionables. Chel and I started laughing so hard as we grabbed his arms and ankles and tossed him into the bathtub. He did a very good job of remaining modest throughout. Dee had turned on the bath, and Grace decided that she should also bathe with Eric. He yelled at her to get out as he laughed and turned bright red. Then I asked Eric, "So what are you going to do next time we tell you to shower?" Eric covered himself closer. "I'm gonna shower."

Moral of the story: Stinky boys beware of sisters who can pick you up.

This probably constitutes as abuse in some states.
Oh yeah, and I bought him the dern game yesterday.

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  1. this was a funny post

    5 stars for ashley!!!!