March 15, 2009

Monday Inspiration Station #2/ I can't believe I actually just did that

Item 1: You should be thankful I had a voice lesson today because the inspiration photos would have been on something like cemeteries or something horrifically gloomy. I am now in a less woe is me mood. "Maybe you should try Prozac, Ashley." "No thanks, Bitch (not her real name, but pretty accurate), I take voice lessons."

Item 2: I left early for my lesson so I could go look in the antique store a block away that I never get to look at. I found my wedding dress there last summer. It was still there. It's from the 40's, and brings tears to my eyes, it's so beautiful. It was on a new rack today. The rack of "if these things don't sell by Saturday we're going to use them in the Seniors (and not they high school or college variety) Fashion Show Auction." The lady told me she was starting the bid for that dress at $200. It was $49.00 in the store. I bought it. <----- I can't believe I did this. But hey my wedding dress only cost me fifty bucks.
Item 3: People, or more specifically musicians, or more specifically musicians at RCC, or more specifically the RCC music dept. and all participants, need to get over themselves. That is all. And yes Miss Whitchy-poo, I do fancy myself a guitarist now. And no Mr. Stupid-ass, I am not abandoning one thing, just to abandon another. Get over the fact that you don't own my soul anymore. P.S. This does not apply to Steve The Voice Teacher from Heaven.
Item 4: This salad is horrid, but I am eating it, cuz I've got a tiny wedding dress to fit into now. Just FYI. Why did I buy that dress???
Item 5: I just got suuuuuuper giddy. I think the four cups of coffee I had this morning have finally kicked in.
And with today's business:

Spring Break = ridiculous fun with my sisters! Except for the zoo. I hate zoos. But we are going to dress up like Ladies Who Lunch, and go to lunch. This is our inspiration!

I LOVE this photo! It's like Pipi Longstockings and Goldilocks on a play date. I wish I had the guts to pull off severe hair colours like that. Also I love the Steampunk-ishness of this photo.
Clearly I am not a "Pipi virgin." Please tell me you know that refference!
From Gibbous Fashions.

If I ever have kids their bedrooms will all be decorated in the theme of these old-timey prints of children. I love nursery pictures from the 20's and 30's. I also love all the outfit possibilities based on these pictures. I need red and white stripped socks!

I can't for the live of me remember where I found this at. No I lied I just remembered. It was featured on Retro To Go. It's a brooch. It also came in green, pink, and red. I like the blue best though.

As of late I have become obsessed with silhouettes. I love them! There is some sort of fairytale quality to them, that I can't get enough of. I've always wanted to get one done at Disneyland. Someday... This one reminds me of Peter Pan. I love the little girl in the plant.

What is inspiring you this week?

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  1. yayyyyyyy for being home in five days!!!!

    i'm calling you thursday or friday to figure out when we can see eachother [fyi...possibly a non-stop barret/charissa extravaganza from tuesday-thursday, i would not be opposed]
    1-the pippi/goldielocks picture is spot on. let's be those girls for halloween
    2-i LOVE that sillouhette! it reminds me of Thumbelina...very pretty [=
    3-i'm stressing ouuuuuuut over these finals, i would like to kill college [the entire institution] i had a poo-ish night at work, and i cannot wait to see you/bri/chel/dee/eric/frazzy/gracie!!!!!