March 17, 2009

I'd rattle something off in Gaelic, but I'm very tired today


I love this holiday so much, and yet no one has done anything about it today at work. I'm the only one wearing any obviously visible green, no decorations, no Celtic music (I'm play U2 to make up for that (also if I hear one person say Sel-tic instead of Kel-tic I'm gonna scream! It's Kel-tic folks! Sel-tics are a basketball team)). It's highly depressing. So this is me today. Sorry about the horrible pic. I was in the office when this was taken and yes my skirt is a dark green.

So in honor of this lovely holiday here are some of my favourite pictures from my trip to Ireland in 2004. Enjoy. Also if you hear me singing a million Irish tunes today, don't hate me like my co-workers.
Cliffs of Moher. Most beautiful place of earth!

View of Ireland from the top of Blarney Castle. The Irish claim they have 40 shades of green in their landscape. I miss this.

That opening is the Blarney Stone. You have to lay on your back and lean backwards and kiss it. This little retard kissed it before me and he spit all over it. His name (no joke) was Rick O'Shea. He was a retard.

More Cliffs of Moher. I couldn't get enough.

Me at the Cliffs of Moher. It was so windy I had to take my hat off because it almost blew off into the Atlantic Ocean. And I'm wearing sandals by the by.

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin. Around the corner from here I was accosted by Gypsies. No joke. Real, muslim, romanian Gypsies. They told us they took credit cards. Best day of my life.
The Irish White House. Look Familiar?

This is PJ, our bus driver. He liked me alot. He and our English Leader would fight over weather my name was a proper British name, or Irish. I think that by this argument we established that I had the world's whitest name ever. He looks like a leprechaun here.

I always forget the name of this place. The Burren? Basically it's limestone plateaus left over from the ice age intermixed with patches of grass. It goes on for miles and it actually very beautiful.

We were riding on a duck (it's not spelled like that. It's those things they used in WWII that could float on water like a boat then roll onto the ground and drive like a tank) And stopped by this. It was Dublin. It was perfect. It's Guinness If you didn't know.

So in Ireland it's illegal to cut down these bushes. Why? Legend has it that this is where the Little People live. Under these bushes. This one was holding up a freeway construction.

And finally Blarney Castle. I swear I found a secret passage way there. And yes I did crawl into it and yes there were rats. It was outside and I'm pretty sure I'd have found treasure or something if we hadn't had to leave. We only got to explore a fraction on the grounds. They're really, really amazing.
Have a very happy and SAFE St. Patrick's Day! I'll be spending mine with some Roast, Calcannon, A Guinness cake, and Darby O'Gill (But mostly I'll be watching the verrrrry fine Sean Connery)!


  1. I want guinness cake....


    instead I'm working/studying all day.

    what a a lame excuse for st. patty's day. ah well, i'll celebrate when i'm out fo the hell called college in four years [=

  2. Stunning photos! Thanks for sharing your trip.

  3. aww thanks me deary, but i'm ok. the dining hall actually ended up serving corn beef and cababge, and i also had a little split pea soup, so all's well that ends well.

    i will be going crazy as you can get when you're working a donors lounge with a bunch of patrons who are mostly 55+