March 19, 2009

Spring for a day.

Let me tell you about today:

The perfect day, the perfect week.

Beauty near the garage

Bushes that need trimming.

A clean and cool pool.

New growth.

The first rose of summer

Life among winter's decay (<--- would be a great name for a punk rock band)

Spring in Suburbia

Sky as blue as the Pacific Ocean.

The trees are blooming

Sunset in Suburbia

Blue Skies at San Juan Capistrano Mission

San Juan Capistrano Mission
How's spring looking for you?


  1. Hey, you stole those last two pictures from me! I took those on our field trip Monday. Mission San Juan Capistrano is beautiful!

  2. "Life among winter's decay" sounds more like a name for an emo band rather than for a punk rock band.

    go hang out will Fall Out Boy, emo kid.