March 21, 2009

Tablecloth Chic.

Meet my new dress. Her name is Florence. We call her Flo for short. Speaking of flow, I had the most awkward conversation with some of the people in my office this past week when I asked for some Motrin or midol. I'll spare you the details, but just know that old ladies have no propriety when it comes to these things. But anyways.

I made the dress myself. It's not perfect (<--- a="" as="" but="" cute="" far="" from="" href="" is="" it="" perfect="" pretty="" read="" s="" the="" this="" very="">tablecloth fabric
mentioned before by the by. I really, really love how it turned out. I have at least two and a half yards of the stuff left. I was thinking about a matching bag or headband or something, but I'm afraid that will look a little too "matchy-matchy" to quote Heidi Klum. Maybe I'll just make a skirt or a top or something. Pillows would actually be cool in this, not that I have a need for pillows, but whatever.

This is another built by wendy pattern. It's supposed to have ties at the cuffs, but I didn't like the way they looked. Oh and you can probably tell I actually put the sleeves on. Turns out I'm just an idiot and sewed the whole dern sleeve up when it was supposed to be open so you could, y'know, like, attach it to the dress. Once I figured this out the sleeves magically fit me. My only real issue with this dress is the length. I like mini dresses, but man this thing is MINI! when you sit in it, it doesn't exactly cover all my hiney. Thus the tights are necessary.

I look a little Stepford Wife-ish here...
Chelsea found her SD card full of pictures from our trip to Portland last summer. OMG. I was so friggin fat! It's funny because I look in the mirror and go, "oh glory, poop, I've got a long way to go!", but then I saw those pictures and was like "Holy frocking Saturnalia, I've come a long way!" it was slightly pleasing. Wanna compare for yourself? See the above pic and compare to this:

My favourite thing is how excited Delaney and Eric look in this.
Every item of clothing I am wearing in these photos have since been given away because they were too big. So that's kinda awesome. Go me.
Oh and for your viewing pleasure, here is a story about my littlest sister Grace, while I crack up. This video was made for charissa at 2 am. That faint popping noise is my thoat opening and closing while I laugh. It's a thing I tried to do in voice lesson and never could, but I can do it when I'm laughing really hard. Go figure... That is Bri, who is sick telling the story.

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