March 21, 2009

Monday Inspiration Station #3

Today has been a particularly Monday-ish Monday. Anyone else counting down the hours till it's Tuesday? Ignore me, because I'm in a bad mood. I had a horrible day yesterday and it was all of my own doing, so now I'm mad, and sour, and kinda think I deserve a punch in the face. So I very much needed pretty, pretty things to inspire me. Here's what I came up with:
Some one please whisk me away on a road trip.
I've always wanted to just grab a bag, jump in a car, and go. Let's do it.

Favourite colour combo: check. Parasol: check. Beautiful dress: check. Dreamy expression: check. Pictures that give me a story when I first see them are few and far between. But this one gave me an instant story in my head. How lovely would it be to sit out on a terrace at sunset looking glamorous?

Dear Zooey,
Please be my friend and let me raid your closet?
Love, Ashley.
There are some things I love. They are these: Cloche Hats (I even have one in tan!), Mustard yellow, beautiful coats, and dark red lipstick. This is the perfect marriage of all those things.

I'm a sucker for pictures with grass. I really love grass. I also love balloons and the colour blue.
Let's all fly away like a balloon, shall we? If you've not seen it, you should watch the movie Danny Deckchair. It's really a wonderful movie.
I have no idea where this image is from.

Wise words I promise to live by:
"The homemaker often makes the big mistake of thinking she does not have to look her best when doing her daily chores. Actually, ill-fitting clothes lower her morale and make her less able to cope with everyday trials. This doesn't mean she has to dress up, but it does mean that she should look neat and trim.If you look well and feel comfortable in slacks or shorts, wear them when working in the home. But be sure you look well in them and that they fit properly. A simple shirtwaist dress or wrap-around with flared or pleated skirt will often present a much more attractive appearance and be just as comfortable as pants."Taken from McCall's Sewing in colour, ISBN 0 600 02457 1 first published 1964.
Quote and image found at Gladys Gladrags

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