April 15, 2009

Current Events


eating spaghettie and meatballs

watching American Idol

reading blogs

thinking about how nice my bed sounds....

Edit: I should never be allowed to watch the news. I am far too oppinionated/well educated to stand it.

Best quote of the day:

(Watching the news as the crew from the ship that was attacked by pirates(Ashley side note: OMG! Some people have all the luck!) coming off their plane)
Bri: Oh man! Hilary Clinton said something like "even if this is a 17th century crime, we need to judge it with 21st century ideals."

Mom: No we don't! We need to go all Thomas Jefferson on their ass!

Also (note you probably don't want to continue reading if you are a fan of the celebrident and wish to still think well of me)

I think Obama should start a blog so we can all keep up with his "vows of the day". We'll call it Oblog-a. If you're and Obama fan, I'm sorry.... for you. Go read an (accurate) American History book, and take a course in real economics. And as supplimental reading, please pick up a copy of the constitution. It might help you.

Also California does not have enough rainy days to justify a "rainy day fund." If the politicians are the ones who spent more money than the tax payers gave them, why are we trying to give them more? I mean you don't give a crack addict more crack right? Especially if they're in debt to their dealer....

I'm liking the TEA party people, and the fact that we are heading for a party turnover, and that the Liberatarians (ever heard of a guy named George Washington?) are getting alot of chances to finally let truth be heard.

I promise to never discuss politics again here.*

*Until I have another political rant.

One more thing:


I laughed out loud at this!

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  1. Please don't be afraid to have political rants... I couldn't agree with you more! Thanks for voicing what so many people are afraid to say...