April 2, 2009

I inexplicably pin curled my hair last night. Today's hair is much less poofy, very flirty, and a little more giddy than yesterday's. I decided that I officially loved yesterday's result. Not so sure about today's yet...
I think my brain has reached full capacity. I am on information overload. Busy day at work, Busy week ahead. I've got a ton to do today and am not feeling all that hot, which is getting kinda annoying cuz it seems like I'm sick every other week now, or at least feeling crummy. At the beginning of the week I got the same Tonsillitis that Bri had last week and immediately began to set myself on the path to healing thanks to my mom passing on her witch-doctor tendencies. I Neti Pot-ted (which is basically a religious experience), and ate grapefruit and took Grapefruit Seed Extract (which no matter what you put it in will taste disgusting), and I gargled with Homeopathic cleansing salt (which is the same stuff you Neti Pot with), and I took a couple Vitamin-C's, and I put garlic oil in my ear (which is a weird sensation), and took a garlic pill. All day Monday I felt horrible and could barely swallow. So I went home and went to bed. At five thirty PM. I woke up around 11:00 and needed a glass of water, then I Neti Pot-ted and went back to bed. Tuesday I felt a little better, but took it easy. Then Yesterday I woke up feeling fine. my tonsil was still a little swollen and hurt just a tad, but I could swallow and be merry. Last night I forgot to Neti Pot last night, and now my whole ear is in a ton of pain and my throat hurts. Moral of the story: don't forget to Neti Pot. Man and now I'm hungry.
on a semi related note, if you don't know about it Gwenyth Paltrow has a weekly online newsletter called Goop filled with useful tips, recipes, places to see, and things to do. I've been receiving it for a while now and really love getting it in my inbox each Thursday. Today's newsletter was all about living organically and healthy. It was funny to read this because as I read each section I was thinking "huh! this sounds just like my childhood." Then I got to number six. I'm fairly convinced that Gewnyth Paltrow stalked my parents while I was a child. From the moment I read the first sentence, I knew where this was going. This is the reason I spent most of my childhood in the wooden toyshop at Seaport village:

6. Take playtime back to the basics.
Having a child shouldn't mean turning your whole house into a toy box. Kids are better off without piles of plastic play things, battery powered gizmos and all sorts of complicated gadgets that profess to make them smarter. Simplicity is better for your child’s imagination, intellect and health – and, yes, much better for the planet. Stick to toys made from natural materials like solid wood and organic textiles, and opt for nontoxic art supplies and recycled paper. Use items you already own as playthings, like cookware drums or sock puppets, and visit our website (http://www.healthychild.org/) for a quick video on how to make homemade play dough.
It's nice to know that mine weren't (and aren't) the only crazies out there.
Excited for this weekend! We're going to go see Red Dawn in the movie theatre. Yes the 1984, Patrick Sleazy, Charlie Sheen Red Dawn. Incidentally I just discovered that in 2010 there is either a remake or a mini series that has nothing to do with the movie coming out with the same title. Imdb is making it hard to tell which. But anyways, the Theatre at The UV (where we saw Grease last weekend) does a late night "classic" movie showing on Friday and Saturday nights. Tickets are only five bucks and they show movies that you always wanted to see on the screen but never did (at least not if you were born post 1980). Next week is some lame movie, but the week after that is Top Gun, which I've never seen. We've decided to make this a weekly tradition of seeing a movie at this thing. I was so excited when I saw that it was Red Dawn this week. I saw it once on TV and loved it (though I was supposed to be watching Red October and Sean Connery in all is glorious glory, which I still haven't seen), So I am really looking froward to seeing it in the theatres. The Trailer cracks me up. Of course my parents have talked about taking my siblings to go see it (mostly I think my dad just wants to see things blow up) because of all the interesting conversations this movie has sparked in my house. It should be fun.

I think I'm gonna be outie for the rest of the week. Remind me to get a picture of the Harley Davidson Lite-Brights on the walls of one of the guys I work with. To quote Jim Halpert: "That's not Classy."


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