April 25, 2009

I woke up in the best mood. Maybe it was because I got a FULL NIGHT OF SLEEP! or because the sun was shining but it never got past 75. Either way this was how I spent my day:

Beautiful sunshine after being in a stuffy office watching stupid training videos. We had to work on Saturday, which sucked but what followed did not:

We went to Dragon House for lunch for "Administrative Assistants Day" Which was Tuesday by the by.

The Asian in with the Asians

Asian Stuff

Michael and Jess tried to fly away from work but it didn't work too well.



Me and my leg concave?

Bri was dressed like a gypsy. She put a curse on me.

My dad / boss. He hates to have his picture taken

Then I went to the park to watch the sunset and...

Have a little Jam session with myself

And here is what I recorded at the park. yes I am playing (you'll realize that when I get to the bridge) and yes I am singing, and no I do not usually sound that nasally, it's just the recording. I'd love any feedback.

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