April 27, 2009

Monday Inspiration Station #8

Strangly enough, while the rest of the country was having blazingly hot tempetures this weekend, it was really nice here. I mean like, grab a cardigan and wear some sandals nice. And today is overcast and gloomy. Strange things are afoot.
In other news, I played hero yesterday when I went to the park with Gracie and some stupid jr. high kids were being stupid and one of the girls landed on her arm and I heard a rather loud snap and looked to see that her arm was in the shape of an "S". I don't do anything that is even remotely related to medical things, and my initial reaction was to run, because if there was blood I would have passed out, but after a bargain with God (any blood and sticking out bones and I'm gone) I went over to check her out. It was a pretty clean break and still gives me shivers to think about it. So I called 911 and had to wait for the paramedics and ambulance to arrive. Her friend called her parents who lived down the street and came flaying down in their hummer faster than they should have. Grace was really good about it. She sat on the grass and drew in my notebook the whole time. She tried to play with the paramedics box of wonders but I quickly stopped that. The poor girl was pretty brave about it all considering that had to give her a morphine shot, then had to put her on a morphine drip before they could splint the thing. It was highly gross and the whole time I wanted to throw up, but I was a good little citizen and gave my report to the paramedics. After all this Grace and I played for a bit but then went home to tell Bri and Michael all about our adventure. Then we got sushi and Grace was a basket case, while I got shrimp with some strange honey flavoured mayo stuff. Shrimp was good, mayo stuff was gross. How was your Sunday?

I'm bringing back turbans. That swimsuit is so stinking cute. I found this on Flickr, but I can't remember the photographer's name.

I don't know why I love this picture so much, but there is something about it that makes me so happy.

I love Marlo Thomas. I love that outfit more.

Bri and I are planning her Bridal Shower this week. We've been set on a tea for a while now. Last night she suggested a semi Alice in Wonderland theme. I have mad Alice in Wonderland love so naturally I got on board and have been doing nothing but "research" ever since.

How charming is this? I love it. Poster found on Retro to go

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  1. i'm wayyyyy excited to plan this bridal shower now! it's gonna be so fun and cute!