April 19, 2009

MIS #7

I've got to get better with this editing my blog posts better thing. I just realized that footnote on my previous post is in refference to something I ended up deleting because it wasn't relevant (like any of it was). Apologies.

So I've decided that I'm never buying jewelry again, I'm just going to make it. I went to Michael's yesterday and left with the makings for two necklaces. I made them both last night, and I love them. I also have discovered two new obsessions. One is making clothing out of tablecloths and sheets. The other (which I'm sure my mom in none too pleased with) is dying clothing. Seriously. I love it. So much fun. I bought a dress at goodwill yesterday and I hated the colour. It was white and this strange pink, but I liked the cut and concept behind it. So I bought some yellow dye. It is now a very strange orange-y yellow. I kinda like it.
But enough about my strange, pathetic life.

Genius. That is all. From Fredflare.com
Love, Love, Love.

Love it. I need that hat.

I have been searching every thrift store I go to for a pair of pants like these. Someday I will find them and it will be a happy day.

Please? Just take me away. This picture inspired a song. I love it.

In other news I am excited/horrified about this summer. Excitment come in the form of I am going to San Fransisco for a few days in July. I love Frisco! Very excited. Also my family is going camping this summer which always proves to be some crazy adventure, so that should be very much fun. However I am horrified at the prospect of the weather. It's April 20th (happy 4/20 by the by(remind me to tell you about 4/20 in Central Park sometime. Two words: Tree cup.)) and at 9:08 this morning it was 81 degrees. yup. 81. By the time I got to work it was 85. At 9:25. AM. Ugg....

Oh and also this came up on my "adds you might find useful" on my email: Terrorist Logo Wall Chart - http://www.intelcenter.com/ - IntelCenter Jihadi Logos Wall Chart features 41 group logos, 44" x 36"

Great. Now the CIA is going to be looking for me.

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