May 14, 2009

Ashley and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


Top: Thrifted

Collar: Thrifted

Skirt: Thrifted

Bag: Thrifted

Shades: Thrifted

Shoes: Payless

I bought both the top and skirt yesterday. I got the skirt from Goodwill. Remember how yesterday I said I wanted to find a red skirt to wear with that sailor outfit? Well I randomly stopped in and right away found this red skirt. It's a little too long, but I'll fix that later. I also found another skirt and two purses. I also have to shorten that skirt. The top is from the Riverside Hospice thrift store. I always forget about this place, but every time I go in I find something pretty cool. I also got the lace collar there a few weeks ago. Yesterday I found this top and while at first, I thought it was ugly, it grew on me and I went back and grabbed it and tried it on and it fit! I think the colour is what attracted me the most. I don't wear a lot of pale blue, but I kind like the effect. I especially like the contrast between it's softness and the harshness of the skirt. I also got a really pretty fifties dress that is about a size or so too small for me. I am determined to get into it before San Fran.

So funny story. Remember when I went to Arizona and got two $300 speeding tickets? Well apparently there was a court date for one of them in Arizona in March, that I didn't go to, and now there's a warrant for my arrest in Arizona. As if I needed another reason to not go back. Awesome.
In other news my computer is still broken. I called Toshiba and made the woman in Pakistan cry. Not really, but I told her in no uncertain terms that I was not happy, and they ARE going to fix this problem whether they like it or not. So they are sending me a box to send the thing to them so that the official Toshiba place can do their job and fix my stupid computer. I am writing on it right now, and it's being fairly co-operative, but after a half an hour it will shut down. I figure I've got about ten more minutes left before it crashes again. This is so frustrating. I've been so mad about it all day that I haven't been that nice of a person, which has actually come in handy. We had an annoying client who is driving everyone nuts and being very demanding when we've told her exactly what we still need from them, and she got a little snippy with me so I got snippy back. Then we got a bill for $404 for some DVD of business listings that I never ordered, and have been meaning to send back. So I called them and told them that I did not order this, I do not want it, and I am not going to pay this and am sending it back today. A customer service representative was going to call me back. I keep telling them I do not want this. So now I'm going to be mean. Oddly enough being mean is exhausting. That's why I don't do it. The CS rep then called and literally had a yelling match with me. I got so mad about all this (cuz now it looks like I screwed up) that I posted a venting status on Facebook and was annoyed when someone, who happens to be my best friend, commented on it and I said I was pregnant (it was funny at the time) and then Jessica read it and we both started laughing and I started crying and then we went and took a walk to get lunch. So now despite my crappy day, I feel a little better. The lady called back with a tape that they had recorded of me saying I authorized them to send us this bill and info, however they didn't record the part where she told me they were just sending me the info and we could cancel if we didn't want it. So yeah.....
Today the guy I always joke about being a crack addict was arrested while in court doing an appearance. He was arrested for being under the influence of drugs. His wife called right before I left trying to find him and the guy who leases the building had to tell her. She's pregnant with their third or fourth child. I had to sit here and listen to Andy tell the guy's wife and try to calm her down. Apparently they had an intervention for him on Sunday and she was freaking out because she didn't think he'd taken anymore drugs since then. As I was listening to this I suddenly began to realize some things. I hate this job because of how sad it is. Every day I hear stories of broken relationships and homes. Of children who don't have a home but drift between their parent's homes. Of adults who act like children fighting over their children. Of people so deep in debt who are barely making it. of bad or desperate people doing bad and desperate things. All day. I've heard that Lawyers have a high depression rate and I think I understand why now. These are the people who are responsible for fixing other people's depressing lives, and sometimes they can't do it. Sometimes there is only so much help you can give someone. I think that's probably why my dad practices Bankruptcy law more than Family. Because at least he's giving people some tangible hope. I know I'm often cynical about all this, because I'm a happy-go-lucky person, but sometimes, especially on bad days, I can't help but feel so sorry for all these people. It's not pity, it's almost empathy. Right now my happy bubble is kinda burst and instead of feeling sad, and depressed, I kinda feel numb. I've always been the type who tries to fix everyone else's problems. I can't fix these. I can't make it all happy again with a joke because it's no joking matter. There's no romance to a life filled with addictions and sorrow. There's no silver lining. Consciously I know that it's all going to be okay and most of these people have created their own problems and in reality aren't willing to fix them themselves
I don't mean to be a downer it was just a bit of a realization, and it's a bit sad...

But the sun will shine tomorrow, and the birds will sing, and we'll laugh. In the mean time here's a better picture of the swimsuit as promised. And yes I realize that I look like a six year old. Ignore my fatty thighs and white-ness.

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  1. i actually think that the skirt is a really flattering length.