May 15, 2009

you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two

Marta, my bike (yes I named my bike Marta and my old car Greta. Deal)
Excuse the horrible photos.

I don't actually think there is a better way to spend a Friday in which you get to leave early from work.
Funny phone messages in Spanish (I got six of the 18billion words), Killarney's for lunch, and Chipotle for dinner, figuring out how to make annoying/creepy people not walk into your office.... Pretty swell day.
On a side note, I was reading Karlascloset and she had a video where some dude was asking her about what she was excited to wear this summer, and she said she'd have to see once summer hits Southern California. Honey, let me tell you, summer hit. About two weeks ago. Don't believe me? We've got severe weather alerts for record high temps this weekend. 110 degrees. Yeah. Karla I love you, but darling Summer's here. And will be until November when we'll get Storm Watch season.

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