May 20, 2009

The Decemberists

Because most of you won't make it to the end, here's a reminder that I am playing Tomorrow (thursday May 21st) at the Downtow Coffee Depot in Riverside. Show starts at 7pm. I'm actually kinda excited about it.

I. Am. So. Tired.

But it was totally worth it!

All I'm saying is if you get a chnace to go see The Decemberists live, DO IT! They are AMAZING! Last night was so utterly brilliant!

The show started at 8 at the Palladium in Los Angeles. Their opening act was a group called Other Lives. I found them a month or something ago and they've been on my list of groups to find their album ever since. They were awesome! I bought their album afterwards, which I've listened to six times already and love. The Palladium is a standing room only concert hall, and we got there at about 7:30 and got a really good spot. My whole family sans Bri went, which in hind sight was not brilliant, but whatever, I'm trying not to be bitter (I'll get to that).

This is Other Lives. They have a myspace if you're interested. Sorry for the horrid quality, the sound system was too much for my poor camera's mic.

There were some very rude people there last night, one of which I told to his face that he was a douche bag, but again, I'm getting over it. The important thing was the music. Other Lives got done playing around nine'o'clock, and then they re-set the stage for The Decemberists, while the crowd bought more beer. The Decemberists started playing at about 9:15. Their newest Album, The Hazards of Love is basically an orchestrated folk-rock opera. The first half of the concert was the band playing the album straight through. The WHOLE album. A. Maze. Ing. They're almost better live! I did nothing but scream all night. For this album they brought in Becky Stark from the band Lavender Diamond and Shara Worden from My Brightest Diamond (both of which I highly reccomend). Shara Worden and I are going to become best friends someday. Holy cow girlfriend can sing! She was so fun to watch. We ended up having to leave before the second set, which was sad, but Grace was tired and begging to go home and Fraser couldn't see over the crowd, so we went to Denny's at about ten thirtyish and ate. When we were leaving Chel and I were walking from our booth in the front to go pay and who was sitting in the very front booth? The lead singer from Other Lives, whom I had decided about seventeen seconds into their show I was going to marry. So I stopped and asked him if he was the lead singer and he smiled and I gushed and made his night. Then Chelsea ran out to the car to grab the album of their's I just bought and had him sign it, which was all sorts of lame, but fun nonetheless. Then Eric came running up and saw the guy and ran back to my parents who came up and started gushing and my dad kept shaking the guy's hand, which was hilarious. Then the other people who had been at the concert realized who the guy was, and started telling them how great they were and it was all because I said hi. So basically I made that guy's night. It really was so much ridiculous fun, even if we had to leave early, plus I've been promised that someday (like over my birthday), I will be allowed to see the full show. I also bought a shirt, which was super cool. So yay!!! Here's some photos and videos, again I'm sorry for the quality.

This lady stood in front of me the whole show and I kept trying to get around her without much success.

Chel and I waiting

The opening of The Decemberists

The Hazzards of Love

Becky Stark and Collin Meloy

Collin Meloy

Shera Worden

The rest of my videos were not so great, so here's some from youtube from someone right up front.

This is Shara Worden singing the role of The Queen. She is so amazing!

Alright that's enough.


  1. I love them! I saw them a few years ago but didn't know them. I wish I could go back in time or see them again soon.

  2. This all sounds very exciting.

    Please come over to my blog soon and check out my Virtual Book Launch. Everyone's welcome.

  3. i miss you guys.

    so glad they are all that i've dreamed...i'm looking forward to my turn to see them...