May 19, 2009

This week on "Conversations with three year olds"...

Hey all you in California:

Do we really have enough rain to justify a rainy day fund?

(earlier this morning, Ashley is in the shower and suddenly the bathroom door opens to reveal a little redheaded twerp)

Grace: Uh yo, can I poop?

Ashley: Do you need my permission?

Grace: nope.

Ashley: then why are you asking me?

Grace: (rolls eyes and huffs) Just because!

Ashley: Yes you can poop. but don't flush the toilet.

(Grace plops on the toilet and nods)

Grace: so cool day huh?

Ashley: yeah sure. Are you excited?

Grace: for what?

Ashley: for tonight, remember what we're doing?

Grace: uh duh, we're seeing the 'cemberists.

Ashley: I know aren't you excited?

Grace: I already promised mom I be quiet

Ashley: oh good.

Grace: and I'll (sigh) stinkin' sit still. (folds arms and huffs again)

Ashley: oh that's good for you. are you going to sing along?

Grace: uh how can I sing if I'm being quiet?

Ashley: I think mom just meant don't talk.

Grace: OHHHH! So if I sing it's okay?

Ashley: Yup.

Grace: huh! well I'm not such a greatest singer ghoul. only when I'm in my other dress.

Ashley: really? what dress?

Grace: you know the OTHER dress. the one I'm a good singer ghoul in. Mom and me are gonna have a talk about that stinkin' dress.

Ashley: Is that so? Well you go do that.

(grace jumps off toilet and flushes it after Ashley specifically told her not to, making Ashley's shower think it's a vat of boiling water. Ashley screams)

Oh did I mention that I'm seeing THE DECEMBERISTS TONIGHT!!!!!!

Cuz i am.

Also I am playing a "gig" (it's an open mic night) on Thursday. If you're in the area and want to hear me sing and play(which I'm hoping you don't because I'm being forced to do this and am not too thrilled with the idea of my music being listened to by people who aren't biologically conditioned to love me, or have learned to be amused by me since I seem to be a constant in their life (Steve)), I'm playing at the Downtown Coffee Depot Across from John W. North Park, and Mi Tortilla, near the Spaghetti Factory on Vine Street here in Riverside. Starts at 7pm (I won't know what time I'm playing until I get there). *swallows a big lump of nervousness* While I'm not excited about it, I also am excited about it because I've got a legion of people who suddenly think I can do this and slowly (very slowly, but surely) I am beginning to realize that yeah I probably can do this, since it's what I want to do. Actually I'm getting more and more excited about it. It's still nerve wrecking, but I'm kinda excited to see how people respond. So yeah I may or may not post pictures depending on how camera happy my family gets. My dad's making a big deal about it, he even offered to give me the day off so I could "deal with my nerves". Cuz, y'know, I've never been on a stage before or performed in front of people ever. Oh wait, I spent my entire teen years doing that... Of course I didn't take the day off, but only because he asked me while digging around in my room because he thought he saw a shirt of his get drug in here by the dog or something... at 6am. And there was my rag curled head peeping out from under my blankets asking him what the effing hell he was doing in my bedroom at 6am. I really don't care if he comes in my room. I do care that he comes in my room at 6am. of course his shirt wasn't in here and then he left the door open and guess who decided it would be fun to come and poop in my room? Oh yeah, the dog. Dear lord all my posts have been about poop. Back to the point. If you want to come see me if not, don't.

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  1. I HATE YOU.

    the decemberists own my heart.


    okay I'm done with the pitiful jealousy, I can fully love you once more.