May 8, 2009

Mom, you are not allowed to read this until Monday May 11th

Dress: Old Navy hand me down from my mom
Lolita Sunglasses: Forever 21
Necklace: Target Dollar Bin
So while preparing for part of our Mother's Day gifts, I drug my siblings out to this abandoned field I've been meaning to go to. While it was fun, I also got eaten alive by giant ants.

I always forget how much I love this dress until I wear it again. This morning I was in a bit of a rush so I recycled it and the flower. The sleeves appeal to my inner Anne Shirley.

Funny story about these glasses. I bought them on my birthday last year at the Forever 21 in Fashion Island? Hill? Centre? Islet? The one in San Diego. Anyways, my sister hates them with a passion and I get made fun of every time I wear them, but I prevail, because dogonit I like them. Then *magically* one night whilst Bri was making a stupid video on her webcam and used my sunglasses, then went missing. I had no idea where they went. This was in January. I was so sad, that in February I bought two pairs from, one in red, and one in white to replace these. I actually like these ones better, because the heart shape is thicker, but alas for me. I found them two weeks ago when cleaning my room. They had fallen behind my dresser and were sitting there happily chilling. So now I have two pairs of white heart shaped sunglasses.

This morning started out epically annoying. First my dad's pet car got egged and my mom and Chelsea had to help him scrub the egg off. He has a Jag that he treats like his favourite child so you can imagine how mad he was. There's some stupid punks in our neighbourhood that think this is funny and do it once a month. Bri and I are trying to observe their patterns so that we can be hiding in bushes one night and when they open fire we'll blast them with our own eggs and tampons and stuff. On a slightly related note, I'm so over the parking situation at work. I had to drive my mom's car here today, while my dad took his own car. We left at the exact same time, though I had to drop off Bri, and by the time I got here there was no parking left, and some pompous security guard for DCSS( Dept. Child Support Services, which shares a parking lot with us and is CLOSED on Fridays) told me I couldn't park there even though they were closed. So I said, "um your people park on our side all the time, and you guys are closed, besides there was someone just out here knocking on your door and then he went and got in his car, which was in my normal spot, and he's now just chilling there, so until he moves I'll be parked here." Then the stupid security guard said "well if you park here I'll have you towed." and then I said "well I'm more than happy to have the guy in my spot towed while he's in that car. I'll knock him out if I have to." and then the guard of douchebaggy-ness said "Look lady you can't park here. Just move. Sorry about that." Then I bit my lip too hard and almost charged him but instead turned to him and said "Oh really? I didn't think a heartless jerk like you could be sorry. Yeah I'm sure you're really sorry about all this." Then I moved the car and had to park by a meter. Or something like that happened. However my dad did just inform me that he has a reason behind my driving here, which I'm pretty sure, starts with and A and rhymes with Oncology. Or another place that rhymes with Shate and Smarel. And I have to take pics of Bri, for a highly secret thing that Grace almost blabbed about. And I have to finish the slowly but surely diminishing pile of paperwork on my desk.

Should be an interesting day...
I just realized that I wrote this post like a stupid sixteen year old girl.... Good lordy.
Edit: So I just went and moved the car to a apot in our lot, and saw the royal guard of A-holes leaving. He had a big car tattoo (which is what my family calls decals) that said "COMPTON" and had a hand flipping you off. Figures.
Second Edit: I forgot to tell you about my super productive day yesterday. It didn't end up being as productive as I had hoped due to my desire to do absolutly nothing at all. However I did catch up on Harper's Island, and Dollhouse. There are only a few shows on TV that I really like. I enjoy Big Bang Theory, Watch American Idol when it's on, follow Project Runway like a nutter, Am parying for a Pushing Dasies miracle, Love the Office, and The Soup. However, aside from American Idol, I don't mind missing episodes of the others (well except Pushing Dasies and Project Runway), However I am so hooked on Dollhouse and Harper's Island. They appeal to the grownup Nancy Drew in me.
But that's not the point. I have promised tomorrow that it shall be productive whether I like it or not.

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