May 7, 2009

Once a Bride's Maid

My sister is getting married in September and I am her maid of honor. The colours they are using are turquoises and blues and navys with hints of pink. Navy blue is my best colour, thus my dress is going to be navy. There are a total of 6 of us who are bride's maids. Me, Sarah, Charissa, Jess, Chelsea, and Delaney. The other bride's maids are all supposed to wear shades of light blue and turquoise. All our dresses are going to be different, something that represents our own individual style and taste. I have had the hardest time finding a stinking dress. There are lots I like, but nothing that I'm like "OH WOW!" over. I found a few on J. Crew that were pretty, but I honestly couldn't see myself in them. I keep trying to keep in mind that it's going to be something I wear all night, on the beach, in September in California. And Bri has been really insistent on us finding something that we can actually realistically wear again. When I do find something that I like, I try to imagine it in navy and then I hate it because they just don't work. So I've been really frustrated and resorted to finding really horrible chintzy 70's bridesmaid dresses and telling Bri we're just going to dye them. Then I happened to be browsing the interweb and found Colette Patterns. There wasn't a single pattern on there that I didn't love. Then I saw this dress and said "OH WOW!"

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Dress of my dreams! No joke! When I dream about me frolicking in a forest (which happens alot more than I'm sure you think) with my pet goat, Charles and pet deer, Windsor, this IS the dress I'm wearing. And it's in navy blue in my dreams.
It's so me, plus it's beautiful, plus it'll look beautiful in navy, and I'll want to wear it again.

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So just as soon as I get a paycheck I'm going to be buying this sweet little thing and make myself a million dresses with it, including my bride's maid dress. I think I'll make one in a sage green for the Bridal Shower too. This dress seriously makes my heart flutter and I'm pretty sure I'm just going to want to live in it. And then be buried in it. If I die anytime soon, keep that in mind mom, 'k? The best part of all this? Colette Patterns is based in Portland. I know. Sarai, who's the creator of Colette Patterns has a really awesome blog called Sweet Sassafras. I high recommend it.
Tomorrow I'll tell you all about my super productive day. It was the height of excitement!

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  1. I stumbled on her patterns recently too! They're all really nice, I like the skirt pattern a lot.