May 1, 2009

Not your Grandma's Apron

I have loved Aprons since I can remember. There's something about them that is fun, feminine, and flirty. They're also immensely practical. I never cook without one. Yesterday when I was looking at these swimsuits I noticed they had an apron selection. So I clicked. These are my favourites.

I have a strange obsession with polka dots.

This eliminates the need for clothing while you clean. Just wear an apron. I'm not even joking when I say I love this so much.

No your eyes do not deceive you, that is a matching bandeau. Again no need for clothing. And after the work is done just go on out by the pool for a tan. I want this one too.

This one comes in a bunch of colours including a very cute pink for beast cancer awareness. This one is my favourite of them all. It's like a sexy Mrs. Lovitts apron.

I'm a cupcake whore, what can I say.

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