May 4, 2009

Monday Inspiration #9: Steampunk Fashion

I knew it wouldn't last forever, but by George I'm sad to see the nice weather go. It was supposed to rain here on Saturday, but not so much. Sunday I spent at Disneyland for this girl's birthday, and while there was a lovely breeze it was HOT. It was also Bat day at Disneyland, which is when all people who belong to the Goth Spectrum come out and play. Some of the outfits were AMAZING! While I seriously can't see myself wearing any of those things, some of them were beautiful. There was a ton of black lace and prettily draped skirts and dresses. Of course had I gone to a public school (or private for that matter), and had my "rebel without a cause"-ness been allowed to fully blossom, I would probably have gone Goth. Granted I did dress entirely in black for a whole two months because I was in mourning over the fact that Josh Groban was dating January Jones. But then I was in a musical and the director told me to either wear some colour or hit the road. Admittedly I did black pretty boring, but it was still fun. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures from yesterday seeing as both Sarah and I forgot cameras. There were alot of pieces of clothing I would love to figure out how to work into my own wardrobe and style. One girl specifically, had this beautiful black brocade skirt that she made (that just totally gave me a song idea!). It was sort of bell shaped with a slight asymmetrical hem and black netting at the bottom. it came down in three panels and at each seam where the panels met there was a really thin strip of velvet. Her outfit was my favourite. She and her husband were more of the Steampunk variety of goth, and were super cool. By the end of the day me and the goths were like this *crosses fingers to signify goth camaraderie*. I was talking to the Steampunk girl for a little while and she mentioned that it was funny how people responded to them at Disneyland. She said they were used to being stared at and even having people look down on them, but she said what was funny was how stinking rude some people were, while there were others, like myself, who thought it was so cool. It got me thinking about how funny people are when it comes to clothing. All clothes are a costume. We dress to play a part, to fit in, to not fit in, and to stand apart. So regardless of what you wear, you wear it to play your part. Costumes have always been something that fascinated me. It's always been my favourite part of the theatre world, because as an actress it's the finishing touch on finding your character. So if you bleach your hair, get boob implants and wear raccoon-ish black eye makeup you're doing that to play the part of "Bro Ho". If you hike up your pants, wear a pocket protector, and tape on the bridge of coke bottle glasses, then you're trying to fill the "nerd" role. It doesn't matter who you are, musician, politician, hobo, or debutante, we all play a role with our clothing. Frankly I am a huge fan of Steampunk fashion. It's very beautiful and feminine, with a bit of grunge thrown in. I love Steampunk stories, films and art. I'm sure that alot of people think it's very odd that people would want to live in a costume that is basically a fantasy, but think about this: is there really any difference between the Steampunk fantasy and the Beverly Hills fantasy? Frankly I'd rather live in the world of H.G Wells, and Jules Verne, than Paris Hilton... I'm just sayin'...

I think Mark Twain said it best: "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society."

So here are some rocking steampunk fashions for you to enjoy. If you're curious about Steampunk here are some films I recommend that give some cool examples of Steampunk:
Howl's Moving Castle
Castle in the Sky
Pretty much any Hiyao Miazaki film
League of Extraordinary Gentleman
City of Ember
Sweeney Todd
Wild, Wild West (I know)
The Golden Compass (I haven't actually seen this one, but from what I've seen of pictures the costumes are fabulous)

And because I can here is a really cool online Steampunk paper doll thing.

(^ Gasp! How cool!)

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