June 29, 2009

Monday Insperation # 15: Pre Raphaelite

Sorry this is so late. I was actually productive today (well marginally productive) and just got around to checking my email right now. Points of Order:

1. I am going to be doing a giveaway/contest/enticement to get readers and comments here very soon (and by soon I mean after The San Francisco trip which is in ONE WEEK!). For people in the good ol' USA (pronounces ooo-sa), part of the giveaway will be the $5 gift card to old navy that I got, and yes I actually got it, so it wasn't a scam. Now to see if the modelquins die. But back to the point. There will also be a pair of earrings included made by yours truly. Now I have a few people who read this outside the USA (again ooo-sa), so the gift card ain't gonna be much help, unless like me you are a online shopper, however with the value of the American Dollar dropping, you'll probably be able to buy something for your equivalent of a $1.50. Thus I would like to have two winners, one who'll get the gift card and earrings, and one (not from the ooo-sa(that's just easier)) who'll get the earrings and __________. So what is my point? What do you people want? I do live in the Golden State* and can thus send you my weights worth in sand if you really want, or an orange**, but what would you gals like to get? Let me know. Also the Giveaway will be a fashion challenge so just be prepared.

2.When I was younger and discovered google images I became obsessed with Pre Raphaelite paintings. I love the softness or them, yet the dark themes and often colours. They're like fairy tales. Romantic, beautiful, dark, brooding. I think they are absolutely beautiful. So this weekend I was going through my pictures and found some old ones. For your viewing pleasure:

I want her hair and dress. Even if it is purple.

So here is a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress, in a beautiful forest, sleeping peacefully, with deers surrounding her = my dream life.

This reminds me of my mom for some reason. Not that she is angry and bites on flowers, it just looks like her.

This one and the one below are both of Ophelia. I love Shakespeare, and Hamlet and the name Ophelia. I think drowning is a romantic way to die. I'm a little bit morbid.

*Until last year I thought we were the sunshine state, until I called it that and someone told me that was Florida. Frankly I think Sunshine and Golden are the same thing, so whatever. We should really be the Silicone State, but who am I to talk, I just live here.

**Incidentally, Riverside, the hellmouth I'm writing from, was actually a British "colony" in the early 1800s who became famous for growing oranges (suck on that Orange County), and put California on the map as far as orange growing is concerned. Our Old Spaghetti Factory is in and old orange packing house (apparently a several generations back grandmother of mine worked in one and until I was about fifteen I was convinced it was the same one as Spaghetti Factory, but that is not the case), and Where Magnolia Avenue, and Arlington Avenue meet there is a gated placard-ed Orange tree that some claims is the first in Riverside. We also invented the Navel Orange (which until recently I thought had something to do with sailors ans scurvy(which is not the case)), and there are these strange mosaic-ed shiny orange statues that are littered throughout the city, and are quite obnoxious. There used to be and Orange Blossom Festival that was horrible and made traffic a nightmare, and got my brother hit by a car. It finally got shut down ofter the cops got tired of having to go in and bust up all the gang shootings that happened every year. I once had to sing for some high Riverside mucky-mucks, which was a block from my old house and I was walking home at like ten at night and some guy was beating the crap out of this lady, and I had to call 911, but they were so backed up with all the other calls that were coming from the Orange Blossom Festival, that it took them an hour to get there and because I was the one who had called I had to stay. The lady was fine, but the guy stole her car and $60. It was fun. We also had a Chinatown that burnt down in like 1903, and all that is left of it is the brick wall that was built into a new building, a plaque, and the street that is named Wong Way. No Joke. I've seen it. It's really called Wong Way. Oh Riverside... (also don't ask me why I know all this, but I actually am incredibly well versed in Riversidian history. I used to spend alot of time in the old book section of the Public Library. Apparently "Old Book" in Riversidian-ees means The Complete and Accurate History of the City of Riverside and some old slides of newspapers from the 1900's. in 1910 Mr. and Mrs. Horace Walters announced the engagement of their daughter, Sylvia Walters, to Mr. Edmund Gaffer III, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Gaffer II. Why do I remember this?

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  1. aaa i'm sorry you turned out as a tomato...i was more thinking of myself as a crayfish but a tomato totally works too... i guess you're right but still...im surprised about that swedish sun ;-) hope you 're feeling better !