July 1, 2009

Los Angeles I'm yours (song title that has nothing to do with this post)

Points Of Order:

1. Yes I know. It's nearly ten at night and I'm just now blogging for the first time in a few days (what day is it again?). Well I haven't written because I have had nothing to say. Bad last couple of days. No details because I'm done with it, but I have not really been in a blogging mood. It would have sounded like something horrid, and I certainly do not want anyone to think I'm like that normally. I'm emotionally exhausted, and physically drained. But I'm better now. I even spent this evening doing all the things I enjoy (blogging being the last on the list before sleeping). Regular posting shall commence tomorrow. I may even throw in an outfit shot. We'll see... :-)

2. I am probably the only blogger who has not spoken of any of the recent celebrity deaths. Here is my comment: They say celebrities die in threes. Leave it to Billy Mays to throw one in FOR ABSOLUTELY FREEEEEE! Also, what do Michael Jackson, and Target have in common? They both have boy's undies half off.... (yes I know I'm horrid) In all honesty though, I'm kinda over hearing about these deaths. As sad as they are, and as much pain as the families are going through, they were just people, and not very many of us knew them. So let's all keep the families in our prayers, but move on with our own lives.

3. I leave for San Fran on Monday and am already packed. Riverside is a boring place.

4. I can't actually believe I am typing this, but I am bringing ONE pair of shoes with me. One. One. I need to say that again. One. The girl with over 40 pairs of shoes is bringing ONE pair of shoes on a five day trek to San Francisco. I know...

5. I'm going to be doing daily re-caps next week with outfit shots and all that rot, but there will not be a Monday Inspiration. Go find your own this week. I'm on vacation.

6. Hopefully you made it this far (leave it to me to save the most important for last after everyone shuts off my blog after reading my MJ joke. I have a ton more where that came from. Why does Michael Jackson like twenty-eight year olds? because there are twenty of them. but anyways...) But read Monday's post (Monday Inspiration #16) because there is a very important message there for anyone not in the ooo-sa (read post for explanation), and anyone who wants free stuff. Just do it. Then comment. It's awesome. You click comment, then write some crap, then hit publish. I don't even make you wait to read what you wrote in order for you to expand your narcissism. I know. I'm a giver. And I am giving away FREE STUFF!!! Just like Billy Mays.

I'm just horrible.

1 comment:

  1. I honestly haven't blogged about any of the deaths. I think I'm not really of the right generation or culture or something. They just haven't really affected me.

    One pair of shoes is pretty impressive. When I travel, I usually have at least 3 (because, you know, I need sandals, sneakers and flats).