June 12, 2009

Over the Rainbow, and other tales.

I always find it funny how blogging reminds us all that the world is very small, and that really we're all very similar. Andrea* posted a post about being in a fashion block: times when you just aren't inspired by anything and you stare into the depths of your closet going "Uhhh what am I supposed to do with a skirt again?" This was me Monday morning. Sunday I randomly went into the Kohls near my house. I never go to Kohls, but in I went and out with a Wizard of Oz shirt I came. The Wizard of Oz is my favourite movie of all time. I love it (I mean come on a story that focuses on shoes!), and always will. I discovered this movie when I was two and apparently didn't stop watching it over and over for weeks. I still love it to this day. When I'm down I watch it, because it always makes me smile. Sure it's cheesy, and childish, but so am I. Every year for my birthday and Christmas I get at least one Wizard of Oz token. Key chains. magnets, figurines, I have a ton! It also helps that Poppies happen to be my favourite flower (and always have been). So Monday morning I got up looked around saw the shirt and had a brilliant idea. What if I dressed like Dorothy Gale? For a whole week, using only what I already have in my wardrobe. I've done inspiration from book characters before when I was uninspired, but never posted about it. So I thought it would be really fun and interesting to see what I came up with. So here's the result: (if you just look at the pictures, go to the bottom and read there. I have a quick question.)

The day that started it all. I rummaged through my closet desperately. I hadn't done laundry and just didn't have any inkling as to what I should wear and thus I came up with this brilliant idea. I was just going to wear the shirt that inspired it all, but them I saw my Anthro shirt hanging up. So I wore an Emerald shirt in honor of the Emerald City, My red crinoline, red flats (cuz who would Dorothy be without her red shoes?), and my "basket" bag. The skirt is actually my favourite skirt ever. I bought it at a rummage sale and it's by Bitten By Sarah Jessica Parker, and began life as a trapeze dress. I cut off the ugly straps and thus it became my favourite high waisted circle skirt.

Shirt: Anthro (on sale for $20!)
Skirt: Thrifted
Crinoline: Mission Galleria Antiques
Shoes: Pinupgirlclothing.com
Bag: Forever 21
Crinoline make me happy.
So I went with the pinafore dress idea here, trying to make it all very little girly. Funnily enough someone got it on Tuesday. It was sadly the office douche, but whatever. At first he told me he was going to buy me a really big lollipop to carry around. Then he saw my feet and laughed. "so you've got some Silver Slippers on! Wanna click us all home?" I was quite surprised because yes I had intentionally worn my silver slippers instead of ruby slippers as an tribute to the books rather than the movie. Yes I own sliver slippers for this very reason.

Headband: Target
Shirt: Target
Dress: Me
Socks: Target
Shoes: Target (seriously need to stop shopping there so much)
Bag: Forever 21
So this one was the most obvious of all my outfits this week. People at work started to catch on, and every person who saw me at around four o'clock asked me if I could "click us all home". It was pretty stupid, but I smiled and took it. If you wear sparkly red shoes, you are just going to have to take all of the "there's no place like home" comments that come. And yes I did have these shoes in my closet already. Every girl needs a pair of sparkly red shoes in her life. My sister got these for me from some random shoe store in NYC. I always wanted those red sparkly "Dorothy Shoes" they make little girls, but my parents never got them for me (and yes I still have a grudge against them for that), so when Bri saw these while she was in New York one year she called me and practically squealed my ear off telling me about them. She got to the part about "red sparkly heels" and I was lost then in my own squeals. These are my favourite shoes ever.

Hair clips: H&M
Top: NY & CO
Skirt: Thrifted (altered by me)
Shoes: Random shoe store in NY
Bag: Forever 21

So this was inspired by the yellow brick road, and the Wicked Witch, who I've always secretly liked. I never understood why everyone was always on her case, I mean if some punk killed my sister and took my sparkly red shoes, I'd probably chase her down too.

Hat: Magpie Vintage (Portland Oregon)
Cardigan: Target
Dress: Target
Tights: Target
Shoes: Target (Oh my that's alot of target)
Bag: Forever 21
(Our stand in Toto was not co-operating as much as I'd have liked)
Friday (today):
I was home with Kiddos today and have had nothing to do, so I went for comfort and wore the shirt that inspired it all. Can't forget my red shoes!
Shirt: Kohls(!)
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Keds (also from Kohls but a very long time ago)
("Toto" actually co-operated this time)
So How'd I do? Was this super lame? I think it would be fun to do this once a month as a thing you can join in. On Sunday I'll post the inspiration, and Monday-Friday who ever wants to join me can. No one has to spend the whole week doing this, unless they want to, but I'll post my outfit everyday. I'd love for everyone to send me any links to their outfits! It'll be fun to see what everyone else comes up with even when we're inspired by the same thing. If enough people think this would also be cool/fun/not as lame as I'm pretty convinced it is, then I'll do it the third week of each month.
Sorry for the lengthy post.
*I meant to link to her earlier and forgot so there you go! I highly recommend her blog. Hers is one of my favourites to check each day and see what wonderful ensemble she presents.


  1. That crinoline is too fun! And I'm loving those peep toes!

  2. What a cute week of outfits! Love the inspiration. I too always wished my parents would buy me those red sparkly shoes when I was little, but never got them. The emerald outfit is lovely - and the red petticoat underneath is perfect. My favourite though is the witchy one with the green tights. It's too pretty to be witchy!

  3. Hah, such a cute idea.
    The first skirt is my favorite.
    It's all just adorable.