June 14, 2009

Lovely Weekends and Sea Monsters

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!
My parents are off cavorting around Seattle right now for their anniversary. Last time they went away, it was a near disaster (though not because of me, but because certain sisters of mine could not control their hormones). This time has been the loveliest weekend ever. No one has fought, people have pretty much done what they are supposed to right away, and everyone has been pretty doggone co-operative. Let me tell you, this is an amazing feat for seven siblings to do.
Yesterday we barbecued burgers and hot dogs, had watermelon, veggies, and jello with homemade whipped cream, swam in the pool, watched Harper's Island with Jessica, Screamed more than normal at this episode, made some coffee, and went to bed. It was really wonderful.
I had another weird dream last night*. This time I was at some open football field singing with Chamber Singers (which I dropped out of last fall), and then the director (who doesn't like me, just my voice), came up to me and asked if he could help me, and I explained that I wanted to take voice lessons through the school instead of paying on my own (which I don't), and he said that over the summer in order to take voice lessons I had to learn how to fill out Bankruptcy Petitions, and I was all excited because I already know how to do that. Then my voice teacher showed up wearing shorts, flip-flops, and a t-shirt (he has never dressed like that on campus), and he asked me what was up, and I told him the deal I'd just made with the choir director, and he was all happy for me, then out of nowhere these two creatures came out of nowhere offering me some fish to eat. They kinda looked like a cross between Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Medusa, A sleestack from Land of the Lost, and Cindy Crawford. One was blue and one was green and they had originally been throwing out tentacles at each other fighting, then they saw me and gave me this fish and suddenly my voice teacher was there again shooting magical balls of flame (that was blue and green) at them and trying to get to me. I was on some acid-like trip from the fish and just laughed the whole time. Then he finally backed off the two fish ladies and grabbed me and pulled me out of the music building (where we had suddenly moved to during the discussion about Bankruptcy Petitions) muttering how I was now "much more involved than he had hoped." Then once I wasn't high anymore from the fish (which I now carried in my arms in a basket), Steve explained to me that I was a carrier of magical powers that the fish ladies wanted (they had names, but I don't remember them), and he was a protector of humans from the ocean peoples and had been instructed to keep watch over me. He surmised that it was the choir director, who told them where I was since he is actually one of them in disguise and why he was always so desperate to keep me around. He figured the reason they attacked now was because my magical powers would become more evident now, thus they could harness them for evil.

I've gotta lay off the coffee before bed. And why do all my dreams have to be these epic things?
However the above would explain a whole lot of stuff.

I'm off to be productive, and maybe do some of the mending I'm putting off. Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend so far!

*For new readers, I get weird dreams alot. I don't make any of this up, it happens and I can't change it. I don't know why I have them, I just do. They usually come in week long "episodes", and then everything is fine for a week or two. I do not take any drugs, legal or otherwise, nor do I smoke anything, legal or otherwise. It just happens. Then I share them with you for your amusement. Or mine, I'm not sure which.


So I just saw this on yahoo's OMG thing that I find mysef oddly drawn to. This is handbag designer Lulu Guinness. The bag she's holding is her own. The yahoo people went on and on about it's horrificness. Frankly, I think it's brilliant. I hate the colour, but I am so going to wear a dress with eyes on it someday.


  1. I agree, I want a dress with eyes. I think your dream is secretly real in another demension.


  2. Haha.
    I love that dress.
    I want it in my wardrobe now.