June 19, 2009

So, hi...

No I'm not dead. I've not fallen prey to swine flu. I've not been shanghaied, or kidnapped for human trafficking (I should never have been allowed to see Taken). I've been sewing, working, getting my computer back (and it's actually fixed!!!!), shopping, and planning. I've been very busy, and while I wanted to blog about it all, I haven't.... So bad me, but it shan't happen again.

Jess and I went to go get lunch yesterday at a cafe in an antique store, and this sign was sitting there looking happy. It cracked me up so I took a picture.

Only photo I managed to take this whole week. This is in the vintage section of the antique store.
Bag: Thrifted (buffalo exchange in Portland, Or.)
Dress: Thrifted(Goodwill)
Shoes: Thrifted (Salvation Army)
Good Glory this is a bad picture. but oh well. Today I am off to the beach with friends for surfing, and fish and chips, and maybe Upstart Crow coffee. Summer is definitely here. June Gloom is over and it's supposed to be in the 90's this weekend. I have had In-n-out twice this week, and slept with the fan on and window open. If I get a sunburn today, we'll really know summer's here....
I have lots to show, but I probably won't post those until Sunday.
But hey, I have my computer back!

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