July 13, 2009

Monday Inspiration # 16: Buzzzzzzzz

This is what was sitting on my desk waiting for me this morning. Lovely... I did manage to move that stack of files so far, but most of the rest of it requires a word processor that isn't crap (how do people live with Word? Word Perfect is far superior and easy to use), and can actually print labels when I tell it to. Urrg. Oh and I also washed dishes, and had people ask me about my trip with false interest. The problem was I didn't know it was false interest until I'd finished telling them a detailed day-by-day play-by-play of my entire trip. While we were gone there was apparently an office strike, which one lady blames on her husband having not blood pressure and going home to find Ambuli and Fire Trucks in her driveway. The problem with her story is that she can't blame leaving on her husband since she didn't know about this until she got home.... But who am I to argue with her logic.
I am allergic to bees. I'm allergic to alot of other things, but those will be saved for another time. I'm not severely allergic to them, but I will puff up and swell like the dickens, and I get a bit wheezy in my breathing. I've only been stung twice, once while I was outside reading a Nancy Drew book, the other while I was performing in an Opera. I was stung on the boob that time. It was fun.
But that being said I really like bees. I think they are very pretty and dainty(but don't get me started on those pictures of people who are covered in bees). There is some strange sophistication I associate with them. And frankly any insect who is essential in keeping flowers around, is a good insect in my book. Yellow also happens to be one of my absolute favourite colours, and I think yellow and black is a very versatile colour combo. So this morning I inadvertently dressed like a bumble bee (pictures tomorrow). I recently made me a bee jewelery set (pictures tomorrow) out of buttons, so I wore it with my outfit. I was really sure that everyone was going to joke about my being dressed like a bee, but as of yet no one has seemed to notice. So then I realized that I had been inadvertently inspired by bees and all their loveliness. I wouldn't mind turning into Chuck Charles.


  1. I'm loving the "Pushing Daisies" reference. Why must they always cancel shows that actually have real substance and don't involve hospitals or crime scenes?

  2. I dearly wish they'd bring it back on the air! I loved the colours of everything! Thanks for the comment!