July 14, 2009

I need a haircut.

Dress- Thrifted, Belt- Torrid from years ago, Bag-vintage, Shoes- either target or payless (the label has rubbed off.)

This is an ice cream seller staring at me taking pictures of myself using self-timer. Apparently he thought I was nuts because he followed me around for like fifteen minutes trying to figure out what I was doing. These were taken at Fairmont Park, a park that while lovely and somewhat picturesque, will always be remembered as that place where a few John Doe's bodies have been found in the water. This amuses me alot, though it probably shouldn't. The lighting was really neat thought and I was having fun messing with camera settings. I decided that I'm going to ask for a really nice Digital Camera for my birthday (which is one month and 10 days away) instead of the trip to Portland or the purse. I also am thinking of taking a photography class. We'll see.

When I went to get lunch from my favourite deli downtown, the girl who was behind the counter squealed when she saw me and said "Oh my goodness! you look like a bee and you're wearing bee jewelry!" It made me laugh. I guess not alot of people dress like insects. I'm going to start a trend. She drew a bee on my take-out carton with a marker. I thought it was cute.

Today I am home alone, which is really swell as I will be able to get stuff done. I'm thinking I may end up going to the new grocery store up here. I have a strange love of going to grocery stores. Speaking of food I reinstated my diet today and am trying to keep walking at least half as much as I did in San Francisco. We ended up doing the math and figured out we walked just under 60 miles the whole week. I lost 17 lbs. Go me. I've cut sugar out of my life except for the Stevia I use in my coffee, and one apple a day. So far I've lost two more lbs since I got home! Yay!

Not that this has anything to do with anything, but I have come up with a strategy to avoid heat for the rest of my life. It's like a reverse Endless Summer idea. I am going to have one home in Portland that I will live in during the Northern Hemisphere's autumn and winter. Then I will buy a house in either New Zealand or Australia for the Southern Hemisphere's Autumn and Winter. Now all I need is the funds to do this. It's been in the 100s here and I'm dying. Literally dying. My hair is dry and limp, my skin is dry, my face broke out, I can't go outdoors without getting burned. DYING! A long time ago my I was complaining about the heat and Bri told me that she expected it was hard for me since it's hard for a "wanna be Eskimo, to live in Southern California." I'm not a wannabe. I am an Eskimo. (I'm actually not joking about that. My family came from Lapland in Norway and inbred with some Eskimos. That's why I have no eyes.)


  1. LOVE the yellow dress! You look absolutely adorable in it. I think bee-inspired clothing is far too underdone. It always makes me so happy when I see people wearing yellow and black together. :)

  2. Cool lens flare! I love your sunnies. A good camera is always worth it.

  3. Yay I love the colour of your dress! That's the best shade of yellow.