August 6, 2009

Art Deco-ed

The other day one of the ladies in my office made some comment about my outfit, and we were having a conversation about vintage clothes, and she asked me what my favourite decade of clothing is. This is something I've always wondered about. I'm an eclectic person with a variety of interests and likes. I've also always had a small bit of trouble sticking with one decade. A lot of the blogs I read are of girls who have found their decade niche and look fabulous in it or girls who have an amazing ability to mix eras and look totally new. Me, not so much. I like a very wide variety of styles and decades. Of course there is one that I love above all (I'm getting there), the problem is trying to make it fit me, and not me fit it. But still there are somethings in all the vintage decades that I really love:

at heart I'll always be a 70's boheme (My nickname in high school and even still to some, was the "Clean Hippie")
60's Mod is cute, and fun, and flattering, and I'm obsessed with the Gidget TV show and movies.
Who doesn't love a good swirly 50's skirt?
I love the structured/military influence of the 40's
The 30's remained elegant under bad situations

But I am pretty sure my heart really belongs to the 1920's. There is just something about that decade of clothing that is so beautiful to me. I find it really romantic. There's a remarkable charm to the era that I find irresistible. For some strange reason there are a few people I know who continuously call me a Gatsby Girl, and say I look like Clara Bow (Which is the highest possible compliment I could ever think of receiving, even though I don't see it).

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