August 27, 2009

Dear The Weather, You are just being indecent now.

Dress- Old Navy, Bag-Target, Sandals-H&M
It is a sure sign of an interesting day that when you leave for work at 8:30 am it is already 90 degrees. If you ever wondered what you wear in this type of weather this is it. I do not condone the wearing of flip-flops outside of the beach, but it's too hot to care about looking good/nice/presentable. Too hot. Also this is my too hot to care face apparently. I'm having a weird face week. (Also ignore my weird cleavage. I was shrugging oddly which caused the illusion that I have oddly formed boobs. This is not the case, just a strange illusion.)

In other news the other day I was out with Charissa and Bri and we were shopping and we went to Johnny Rockets for dinner. We had yummy food, took silly pictures and then the idiot waiter of ours rang me up wrong and continued to which resulted in my bank account being charged for the transaction multiple times thus shrinking my balance to about eleven dollars. each transaction has been voided but it takes up to 72 hours to clear so as far as my bank knows I actually bought all these things for the next few days. It's highly annoying and confusing and I ended up getting my meal "comp'd" which wasn't really comp'd since they charge me for it. Actually he didn't even charge me for my ticket, but for Charissa's, who was paying for both herself and Bri. Then my monthly service fee on my bank came through so now my account thinks is negative, which is shouldn't be. I am greatly perturbed by this development. I hate banks. But on to happier news:

Meet Flo. Her real name is Florence but I call her Flo for short. (excuse the slightly come-hither-ish look to my face, like I said, weird face week)
Flo is a Nikon D40 and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. There is a war over Flo. Charissa and Jessica are trying to steal her. Over my very cold dead body. I think I've taken about a jillion photos since she has been in my ownership as of Sunday. I love Flo.

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