August 31, 2009

Monday Inspiration # 20

Sorry for the late post! Today has been a bit of a downer day. There's just a lot on my mind and I don't think I've recovered from this weekend yet. And also I am having a bit of an interesting time with inspiration. My muse suddenly hit me yesterday afternoon and on into the night and then this morning it piffled out. Yes. Piffled. Except it didn't really go away just flipped around and decided to be a moody sort of muse and not it's usual happy-go-lucky muse-ish self. So since I am having a hard time finding inspiration, I do what I always do in this situation: I look at pretty pictures to get my creative juices flowing. Just looking at these has me thinking up all sorts of fun projects that I shan't have time for, for the next few weeks. But all the same they are very pretty to look at.

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