September 2, 2009

Good day mullets

Vintage everything, except the headband and necklace which came respectively from Forever21 and Modcloth.
I apologize for the wonkiness of the photo, I took this about 30 seconds before leaving work, hence the rather attractive setting. Also no one bothered telling me that my slip was three inches too long for my dress, and since I forgot to do a mirror check, you are stuck with a peek at my lovely vintage slip.

Today was just a tip-toppity kind of day! I woke up with this feeling that nothing could phase me today and I was correct. When the drama broke out over parking at work, I ignored it all and laughed, when Jessica told me I was stupid, I ignored it all and laughed, and when a not so very bright person continually called and acted like a snotty beyotch, I ignored it all and laughed. It was just a good kind of day. I really needed it too! The last few weeks have been really hard. I've just been on pins and needles and feeling antsy and anxious. I keep stressing about silly things and things that aren't mine to stress over. So today was a very welcome. There wasn't anything in particular that made today good, it was just good, a little long, but good. And I was told by two different people on two separate occasions that in the movie of their life, I would be played by Zooey Deschanel. Cherry on top!

In other news that will probably only be amusing to Jill, who will laugh and then say something like "when are you going to learn your lesson" or "told you so" or something to that effect, I am currently sporting a near mullet. How did this come to be you ask? Well... I cut my own hair. I did what I've been doing for months and while all those times have worked out very well, this one did not. One side of my head in particular has an incredible mulletness to it. Expect to see my hair pinned back for a while.

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  1. since your already sporting an '80s hair cut, you should dye it. what color is your bridesmaid's dress? maybe your hair and shoes could coordinate?