August 16, 2009

Oh hi!

Oops! sorry about the silence on my end. I don't even have a good excuse for it all:

Thursday I played at an open mic night and was rotten. No seriously, rotten. Don't try to rub my ego, I can fully admit it was possibly the worst performance of my life save the time I went in for Voice Juries not knowing my song at all and made up Spanish sounding words. Lowest grade I ever recieved for that display of horridness. This performance would have probably gotten the same grade. I started too high, sang off pitch, muddled my fingering, forgot an entire verse of one of my own songs, skipped a chord... it was lovely and a learning experience so that is perfectly fine. I did get to see a very dear and lovely lady who I usually see once a year, named My good friend and hippie comrade Lauren. Lauren and I are talkers, and I think we talked the whole time- until I went on stage that is. Afterwards Sarah and Charissa came over to my house for a little late night cookie fest and bestowed early birthday presents on me. I So thanks friends!

Friday I was going to go into work since Jess is on vacation and thus I could work on my usual day off, but I was far too tired and didn't get up until far later than I am willing to admit. I did spend the day watching The Edge of Love which was really good albeit very sad. The costuming was marvy! There was about four outfits of Keira Knightly that I am intent on knocking off. The colour pallet of the costumes was really wonderful, and very much me. I also watched my siblings that night while my parents went out to go shopping. We ate pizza and sundaes (which made me so sick), and watched The Addams Family Values where I studied the clothing of all the Addams' and their family. I'm on a bit of a gothic/steampunk/victorian/edwardian kick lately.

Saturday was a very nice day. Not very many people were home all day, including a two and a half hour window where I was home alone. My dad took my brothers to go shoes shopping for wedding shoes, my mom and Bri and Grace went down to Oceanside where Bri and Michael are getting married and maped out decorations. Chelsea and Delaney went to see a movie with their friends who are also sisters. So other than taking them to the movie and picking them up I was home all day. I did laundry and cleaned the downstairs bathroom which was disgusting. I absolutely hate cleaning bathrooms and it always ends up being my job. I always procrastinate which of course doesn't help so I finally spent the entire time I was home alone cleaning the dern thing. I scrubbed the walls, bleached everything, bloodied my fingers getting rid of soap scum, it was gross. But the bathroom is clean and I have threatened anyone who dirties it within and inch of their life. We'll see how long I can keep it up.

Today I spent cleaning my room, which took forever (it's still not really done either!). My sister is boxing up things (which means I have more room for my things. Trust me, never undervalue the gift of a closet to yourself), so we are in the process of rearranging and whatnot. I am bringing the headboard to my bedroom set up from storage and getting new sheets and working around the colour sceame I was talked into when we did our room last year. Had I my druthers I'd repaint, but not only do I not fancy cleaning out my room and painting, I also only have ten more months of living here, so I shall just tough it. My room is painted a bright pink, yellow, and orange. Any colouring sugestions are welcome. I'm just happy to get rid of these horrible terquoise sheets. I am not a fan of terquoise at all, and it happens to be Bri's favourite colour. Her whole wedding is shades of terquoise and blues. Luckily that includes navy which is my best colour so I do not have to find a dress in that most horrid of colours.

Also accomplished today:

  • My mending pile was tackled and I finished one project from it. It is a two year old project. I will show you on Tuesday
  • I went through my 45 pairs of shoes and got rid of 5 pairs. All will be replaced with in the next two weeks. They actually are ones that just needed replacing: torn black ballet flats, well worn sandals, lovely, but highly painful black heels. I'm still on the fence about one pair. I bought some Minnie Mouse shoes a few years ago and have worn them twice. They are horribly uncomfortable. They cut into my achilles tendon and always cause blisters, blood, and other attractive foot problems when I wear them, even with stockings. I love them alot but only wear them if I know it will be for a few hours at the most. We'll see where they end up.
  • went through clothing and got a whole bag full of salvation army donations.
  • Made my "inspiration wall," which is really my closet door.
  • finished copying all my magazine recipes into my recipe book
  • Talked my parents into something a little crazy for my birthday! I am not a big birthday person. I like other people's birthdays but not my own. I find getting gifts awkward and always feel like my thanks are superficial or ingenuine. But my father happens to be a huge birthday person. He always wants us to choose something to do for the day. Most of my birthdays have been spent on the road because we were usually on vacation. Denny's makes a mean ice cream sundae. But I have spent birthdays in some very interesting places including a Denny's knock off which was horrible, a Pizza joint in Yosemite, Dir Rhinelander in Portland (very good food! and the waiters sing German fold songs to you, and if you happen to be a precocious brunette like yours truely, you will polka because you learned to polka while in a musical, and then your even more precocious father will insist you sing Edelwiss instead of the waiter.), and Powells in Portland (where you will relish the fact that there is no sales tax so you can actually afford to buy the two vintage Nancy Drew books that cost the thirteen dollars you got for your thirteenth birthday.). So this year I concocted a brilliant plan on a whim and my parents were sold immediatly. I will reveal my plan on my birthday, which for all you is the 24th, incase you were thinking of getting me anything *wink wink*.

And that is it! It really was a busy weekend, I just spent most of it doing things around the house. How was your weekend?

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