August 12, 2009


I think I have the best friends ever.

Then there are days like today where I want to punch them.

There is a guy in our office who, while not unattractive, is not my type. He follows me around the office, "helps" me take the trash out, and is horridly inquisitive about my life. I have no desire to speak with this fellow, but he finds excuses to talk to me. It's not even flattering because I really, really, really don't like him at all. For a while I thought he was married and had a kid, but turns out not.

So today I was sitting at my desk, which you will remember is at the back of our office, and he walks in like he's going ask-us-all-a-mutual-question-but-really-just-wants-me, and asks if any of us happen to be good with copiers. Except instead of actually just standing in front of us and asking, he walked around Jessica, and put the thing he needed enlarged in front of my face and directly asked me.

Now annoyingly, I am known around the office as the tech girl. I'm not a tech girl. I kill technology, but I know how to plug in a printer, and pull a miss-feed out, so everyone thinks I'm really good with technology. So unfortunately, being the kind hearted soul that I am, I reluctantly said I'd help him.

The following happened while I was trying to figure out the dumb copier's problems: He told me he was not the "sharpest pencil in the box", He asked me if I knew where he'd gone lately to which I responded how should I know, He told me about this "great bar" he'd discovered, He asked what was my favourite bar, He was very prompt to tell me the location of the only bar I've ever been to as if I didn't know, He told me he is a "falconer man, himself" in reference to the pub around the corner from our office, He asked me if I was a secretary for the "BK Guy", He wanted to know why we need four people working in our office, he wanted to know what my job entailed and how many days a week I worked, and he wanted to know how I got "so good at fixing copiers".

I didn't ask him a single thing. I didn't volunteer any information, I just fixed the copier while he stood there being highly unhelpful and asking me annoying questions. A part of me thinks I'm being overly annoyed because I don't like him, but another part of me is pretty sure that everyone would respond the same way if it was happening to them. When I came back and told Bri and Jess what happened they proceeded to get on facebook and post a million comments about how I need to open my heart to love, which involved Twilight quotes, and Hannah Montana and Jonas Brother's songs.

In closing, I want to go home. This guy is so annoying, and I'm probably going to kill Jess and Bri at some point.

oh wait Jess wants to write something:
(this is Jessica. I love Ashley and I won't pick on her anymore today. That is my semi-Asian promise. Now her sister, Bri, is my main target and Ashley is welcome to join me. Pranks all around. Debussy to this?)

"Debussy to this?" is a Twilight reference......

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