September 4, 2009


My mom just finished making 13 dozen cupcakes for my sister's wedding. She made about a million batches of butter cream frosting to go along (in the most heinous of colours, turquoise) and had one batch come out too runny. So Chelsea and her friend Lauren made a cake. After dinner I frosted it. Then Grace "decorated" it. The cake and frosting were very good. The "decorations" were not. But she had fun. This is my favourite of the pictures.
Sometimes Grace looks like a really cute Hobo.
Move over Annie.
I am off to watch Miss Marple and have a cup of coffee that will hopfully rid me of this horrid headache I seem to have gotten this afternoon. I think it's this bloody heat. On the upside the weather man said it will cooling down on Monday. 87 degrees.

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  1. Aww that is so cute! Ah, hope you all had fun with all those cupcakes! I made 10 batches for my own wedding last year so I sympathize with the marathon baking - two days before the actual event. Insane, but fun!