September 6, 2009

The Woes of Clothes

My sister "moved out" this weekend. She moved everything but the few clothes she'll need this week to her Michael's house, thus leaving me with a nearly empty room. It is by no means empty, but it is amazing how much more room there is now. Her side of the closet is nearly empty which is kind of amazing since I now suddenly have room for all my clothes. I did a small purge, getting rid of ugly grimy things. I even ironed everything (I'm not usually one for ironing, vacuuming I'll do any day, but not ironing.) So while I was washing all my laundry I washed a very pretty blouse I bought at target. It was white and I'd managed to spill something on it so I threw it in with my bleach load. This could be an incredibly long story so to make it shorter the shirt was 30% silk (since when did target sell anything with silk in it?!) and came out of the wash with blotchy brown spots. So I decided to try and fix it (before I found out it was silk) so I set it in a oxiclean bleach mixture to get out the spots and immediately the whole shirt turned the same brown colour. Jolly. So then I discovered it was silk and felt like a total ninny for not reading the care instructions and all that rot, so I decided that since I really loved that blouse I would just tea dye it. Which would have been a brilliant plan if the bleach hadn't eaten through half the fabric making the whole thing shred in my hand. The only silver lining to this whole thing is that they still have the shirt at Target and it may even be on sale now.

Moral of the story: NEVER BLEACH SILK! And read the care instructions on your clothes.

Also I am trying a little experiment for the next three months. For all of September, October, and November I shan't be buying anything, even thrifted things. Expect much sewing.

I am very excited for tomorrow's post, be sure to pop back in and have a lovely rest of your long weekend!


  1. oh...i root you on in your "not buying things"'s hard. i bought zilch from february-june. twas very just have to not even tempt yourself.