September 21, 2009

Monday Inpiration # 22: Fall Week

Happy First day of Autumn!

It is going to be 110 today!

I am boycotting California this week. I am ignoring the fact that Wednesday is supposed to be 112, and I am celebrating Fall. Welcome to Fall Week- like Shark Week, but without the blood.

This week I will be showcasing some of my favourite things about Fall, and why it kicks Summer's sweaty, tanned ass. Pardon my French. Recipes, Clothes, Movies, Books, and all things Fall, will be making an appearance. I'm tired of summer, and even if I have to put my A/C on super cold, I will be living like it is Fall. Take that California!

Also I big shout out to Hannah S. If you are reading this Hannah, Welcome to my Blog! I'm so glad you are joining me in my rebellion against the weather. I'm like the Luke Skywalker of Seasons.

I know I already posted a Monday Inspiration on Fall, so I thought that this week I will feature one of my favourite articles of fall clothing:

TIGHTS!!! I love tights! They come in colours, patterns, prints, and textures, protect our legs from being too chilled, and can make a boring outfit seem interesting. Whether you go with traditional black, or a wild print they always add a wonderful touch to any ensemble!
(Click to enlarge)
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