October 5, 2009

A bity bit of a favour from you

Okay so my brain is currently in a million different locations. I have so many ideas and projects and things swimming around my head, and I'm not even sure where to begin! But in a very good way! I've got things to set in order and projects to finish and I am delighted with it! Tonight I plan on sorting through all the things I want to do over the next few months (plus it's time to re-budget), and this hear blog is apart of all that. So here is my question for you (the three of you who read this):

What would you like to see here? What's working, what's not? I've never intended this blog to be a "subject" blog. It's my blog, so I'll rant, and rave and talk about rain too much, but is there anything you would like to see more of? Anything you'd like to see less of (and if you say my emotional posts on life, love, and other mysteries I will punch you. That's just not gonna happen. Take it or leave it, it's all apart of my wonderful packaging.)? I would greatly appreciate your input.

In random tidbits of my life news, today I saw a crazy man yelling at the air while standing on a bridge, and no he was not wearing a blue tooth, and it made me smile. Also yesterday it decided to be Fall. It has been chilly, and windy, and there were even some teasing rain clouds yesterday. It would be nice if it would actually rain, but it's all about baby steps here. So Bozo in the office has turned on the heat, even though it's not cold enough for heaters yet, which is annoying.

We went to Ikea yesterday and I bought wooden hangers. I've been slowly trying to switch over from platic to wooden hangers, but those bad boys are pricey! So Ikea had an eight pack for 5 bucks. so I bought four packs. I'm gonna need another four I think... I find this to be incredibly sad and pathetic but there is a part of me that is kinda proud of this as well.

Oh and I finally joined Wardrobe_Remix. I'm still a bit wary of it, because I don't actually consider myself to be someone with great style, but I figure this gives me a reason to force myself to get dressed everyday.

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