October 2, 2009

Okay, now I'll shut up about Fall.

Cardigan- Costco (I know!), Blouse- Goodwill, Skirt- rummage sale and altered Bitten dress, 40's wedges- Riverside Hospice Thrift.

I know that sometimes, some people think I over romanticise things. Like rain, and cold, and fall, and lace. They think I do this just to stand out, to make myself seem quirkier and to draw attention. But this is not the case. I really am this weird, and I really do get swept up in the romance of things. So this morning when I woke up freezing cold, I smiled. Fall is coming. it is slowly creeping it's way here. Soon the leaves will turn, and there will be cinnamon in the air. It makes me smile, fills me with a sort of calmness that Summer could never bring. The days of good hair days are upon us, and things will start to change and it will be wonderful.

This seasonal transition is really weird. The nights are getting colder (finally), and the days are even cooling down (I say despite the forecast of 91 today), but we're still in this sort of limbo between hot and cold. I have to bring a sweater, but tights are still too hot. Weird huh? This weekend is supposed to be in the 70's for us and I am looking forward to it with giddy delight. My favourite thing about cold weather is the way my nose feels when it gets cold. My nose turns red, and the wind bites at it and I just love it. Goodness I love this time of year!

My weekend plans are very boring, and full of those lovely Fall-ish home things. I'm going to clean and cook, and sew and crochet (something I haven't done all year). My mom and I went to Joann's the other night and I bought two wool yarns for scarves. One is this absolutely beautiful cross between avocado green and sage/moss green, the other is a deep ruby crimson red. I'm very excited to start working on them! I also plan on reading while curled up in a blanket with a cup of coffee, while listening to some Fall-ish music, and learning how to knit. The next couple of months are going to be incredibly busy and I can't wait! Day trips to LA (the good part is that I get to see Sarah and Charissa, not LA), Pilgrim's Place, Oak Glen, Camping Trip, Mary Poppins, Thanksgiving, My dad's birthday which might end in a surprise party, Halloween... Is there anything more wonderful than Fall?

What are your weekend plans? What are you most looking forward to this season?

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  1. I can quite excited about fall, too! Yesterday was in an antique store and they were burning a gingerbread candle, and for some reason that confirmed for me that it indeed was fall! (that and the candy corns)

    Your outfit is perfect - from what I can see of your shoes, I love them!