October 23, 2009


It's so hot today. We had a couple of really nice cool-ish days, but today it was 92 and hot, hot, hot! I have packed away most of my summer clothes save a few cotton dresses for weeks like this where the weather suddenly had an identity crisis. Being that it's basically still summer, I thought I'd show some ideas that are floating around in my head to make for next summer. Being that this was (is?) my last summer in California, I am trying to whittle my wardrobe down to Portland weather appropriate items. Of course with my luck Portland will probably have another hot summer like they did this year, but my fingers are crossed.

I also wanted to show you one of my favourite websites, which I can't believe I haven't posted before. It's quite a good resource for anyone who loves vintage/sewing/vintage sewing.

All images are from The Vintage Sewing Patterns Wiki which like I said, is a really great resource. I should say that the website is a little confusing at first (at least I was confused), but it gets better once you sort it out. I like to look through here for inspiration, and to better acquaint myself with vintage patterns. There is also a wealth of hair inspiration, which I am totally in love with right now. So Enjoy!

1. How cute is this! The ruffles are just adorable! 2. I love the shape of this one. 3. I really want to get a bunch of jumpers I could wear with or without a blouse. 3. The details here are just charming!

1. I think I'd want this dress in every colour. It just seems like a really cute, basic dress. 2. This isn't something I would normally like, but there is something about the drop waist and pleats that make this really charming. I think it reminds me of a tennis dress. 3. This is actually a blouse and skirt, but I love how versatile it is. Making them both out of the same fabric makes a dress, while you could still mix it all up. 4. I'm envisioning this in white eyelet, floral, plaid, gingham...

1. I love how basic this is, but still has details that are interesting. 2. If everything I owned had a Peter Pan Collar, I would be a very happy girl. I do not like the other version. It looks like her boobs have ventilation flaps? 3. This would be a great summer-into-autumn outfit, as well as being incredibly versatile. 4. Love. Love. Love. Love. So much love. I love both views. My life goal is to find this pattern.

1. This would be a great everyday kind of outfit. I love everything about them both. 2. Again a great summer-into-autumn outfit. 3. I love the versatility and the waistband is adorable! 4. I've always wanted to take a vintage slip pattern and make it into a day dress. They're often pretty enough to be seen.

This is my favourite set. 1. The floral view is my favourite. 2. This would be a great year-round piece. Also the blonde reminds me of Sleeping Beauty. 3. I love the green's sleeves. 4. I actually prefer the long sleeve version but I think that's because of the fabric choice! I love the two-tone though.

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  1. Oooh I do love that green dress with the ribbon tie in the last set!! I agree that the colourblock last one is lovely too!

    The very first dress with the ruffles is pretty and reminds me of my first work dress (in the late 80's). I also had a shirt with the ruffles like that. Some of those dresses would make great tops as well if they were shortened.