October 28, 2009


My very well meaning brother managed to misplace the chord to my camera's battery charger. SO I am currently without camera, and have been since Sunday night. Tomorrow the house get's turned upside down because I have to have it: HALLOWE'EN IS HERE!
Hallowe'en is my favourite Holiday, closely followed by Christmas, then Thanksgiving, then St. Patrick's Day (I look good in green). The last few years have been incredibly uneventful, but this year my sister, brother-in-law, Jessica, and her boyfriend Ben are actually doing something. What we are doing has yet to really be determined, but it will probably involve going out to dinner in our costumes. I am incredibly excited for mine this year! I can't wait to show it to you all!!

So what have I done this week? Well it's been an incredibly eventful week. Here are the bullet points that will hopefully make it short:
  • My parents, Bri and Michael were going to see U2 in Pasadena on Sunday at the Rose Bowl. I was taking the kids to San Diego for the day. All the previous week we had nothing but multiple car troubles. On the way to San Diego my tire went flat. That was the spare tire from Monday when we got a flat. There is a really long and slightly amusing story about a douchebag towtruck driver, my life flashing before my eyes, and my having a mental breakdown in the parking lot of a weinerschnitzel, but I'll spare you.
  • we ended up fixing the tire and driving home after my dad drove from Ontario to where were were which was outside of Temecula (at least 40-50 miles), and I cried the whole way home.
  • My dad was whining about going to the concert and being out late so he let me have his ticket and I got to see U2 and ended up on the Youtube live feed of it (well my arm and camera strap did (it's at 1 hour and 33 mins by the way)). It was amazing and epic and I took 532 pictures, then my battery died.
  • after the concert I found I had a toothache. The toothache kept me up ALL NIGHT LONG. I got one hour of sleep which was on the way to the concert.
  • The next morning I couldn't do anything, my tooth hurt so bad. So I made an appointment to go to the dentist. The first time I've been since I was six. In order to go to the dentist, I had to have a valid state issued ID. My license is expired.
  • I had to go to the DMV, with a toothache, and on the same day I had to go to the Dentist.
  • I'm pretty sure I look like a four year old wannabe Kurt Cobain in my new DL picture
  • Once at the dentist, with my temporary license paper, I was told my old license would have been fine.
  • I learned I have a mutant tooth. I have naturally perfectly straight teeth, save one near the back of my mouth, which is slightly off kilter. Actually it is perfectly straight it just came in completely twisted around, so the back of my tooth is actually the front.
  • The dentist tried to con me out of $4000
  • I have turned into my mother and have no trust in the medical community. I am now seeking Wholistic dentistry opinion, and self medicating myself, which has worked wonders.
  • Neem Seed Oil tastes like poo. I don't eat poo, but if I did, it would take like Neem Seed Oil.
  • Clove oil is my new best friend. It cures everything.
  • Since Monday I have become an utter health nut. I refuse to eat, or buy anything that has been processed, and is full of chemicals. I am now officially nutty.
  • I wrote an upbeat and depressing song.
  • I bought real Milk glass at Goodwill for mere pennies.

I have a ton to show you all, but no Camera! So instead I will leave you with some of the best pictures I got on Sunday. Have a wonderful week, and send all your camera cord finding positive thinking my way!

This picture was a total accident! I was actually really mad at first at this guy, because Bono was right where his hands are, but as soon as I saw it I fell in love! Thanks Guy who put his hand heart up!


  1. pssstttt......"cord" not "chord"....hahahahahahahaha

  2. I just spent the last hour looking for my phone recharger!

    So if your camera charger is anything like mine, you'll find it on the towel rail with a towel hanging over it.

    Hmm... if I hadn't decided to "just give up", have a shower and get to bed I'd not have found it tomorrow!

    If all else fails, remember... they still sell those disposable cameras and you can just do it the old fashioned way!!