November 2, 2009

A hat befitting a Witch

My more dramatic side would like to go on about how this hat was almost the death of me. In reality It only took about an hour and I only had seven hot glue burns, four of which were on my callouses (from playing the guitar). And truth be told it was actually alot of fun! I'd love to take a millinery class someday. Sometimes I doubt my crafty abilities, but then I do a project like this where I end up being incredibly happy with the outcome. So here is what I did:

I bought a $2 Witch hat at Joann's, and began by spraying craft spray glue. There is another name for it, but I can't remember it. After I'd sprayed it sufficiently I covered (and I mean covered) it in white superfine glitter crystals and red glitter. Glitter makes me very happy. If it Sparkles, I love it. I got a little carried away. My whole house, my backyard, Jessica's backseat, Michael's backseat, and the front yard are currently covered in glitter.

Once the glitter was mostly dried, I began by gluing large black feathers along the base of the hat with hot glue. I just glued them on higgilty-piggilty. Then I sprayed more of the spray glue on them and covered the feathers in the white glitter crystals.

Once that was done I just glues in random feathers. I'd bought every variety of black feather Joann's had, including these really cool spiral-ly ones. I just glued in feathers until it looked good, then glued a bit of some fancy ribbon around the feathers. Then I glued the lace on the back and made the bow and glued that onto the back. After that I sprayed more glue stuff on the lace and covered that in both glitters. I told you. I really like glitter. And then I finished it off with the big red jewel

It's by no means perfect, but I really liked the way it came out. Unfortunately Hallowe'en was a horribly windy day here, so keeping the hat on while we were out was a bit of a challenge!

These are the rest of the details of my costume. The stone necklace was from things I picked up at JoAnn's, and the other necklace was a brooch attached to some ribbon that didn't make it onto the hat. These gloves are my new favourite. The broom came sparkly, but I amped up the sparkle factor and used more spray glue and glitter (I really wasn't joking).

Even though this was not my original vision (It was going to involve a head piece with a bird cage veil and black and red roses and a big ol' crow on top) all in all I was really happy with the way things came out! My brother Fraser gave me the best compliment. He got exactly what I was going for. He told me that my hat looked like I'd made it out of a dead crow. And that was my whole inspiration!

Tomorrow I have lots to show you! If you can't tell I found (actually my brother found) my camera cord (not chord, thanks Jill (just let the music geek be!)) and have been happily snapping away to make up for the lost week! The thrifting gods have been very good to me lately and I can't wait to show you everything tomorrow!


  1. Oh, I really love it! Decorating hats is such fun, and you did a great job. I do love a fancy embellished witchy hat!

  2. oh my goodness. that is the most victorian looking, yet funky witch costume! i love that hat!