November 9, 2009

Monday Inspiration #25: WWII and Veterans

Before I get to it, I just wanted to let you know there is a new header. If you read this in a reader you should hop on over to the actual post and check it out. I quite like it if i do say so myself.
Oh it has been too long since one of these! But I am super excited for this one!

As much as I love history WWII has never been one of my favourite subjects. I blame this on a teacher of mine who was OBSESSED with WWII. I took her classes from the time I was about nine or ten until I was a sophomore in High School. Every class we talked about something WWII related. Usually it centered on Hitler and the massacre of Jews and other minorities. As important as that is to understand and remember (though similar things continue and no one tries to do anything about them, but that's another story altogether), it's really, really depressing. It's not hopeful, or encouraging (and yes I know it's not meant to be), and if all I ever knew of WWII was the horrible things that came out of it, I'd probably slit my wrists (not really, I faint at the sight of blood).
However I have always found the "home front" aspect of WWII fascinating. Not Just in the States either, but across Britain, as well as occupied countries. It's fascinating the things people did for both the war effort and in order to survive. I find these things inspiring. They are the silver lining in the dark cloud of WWII. Despite the horror and crimes that were committed, people fought, everyday people. Mothers, wives, grandmothers, kids, Men, Women, Doctors, Lawyers, everyone fought in their own way. People were resourceful, and hard working, and they didn't let a little thing like war dim their hope. That's the kind of thing that inspires me.

My dear friend Hannah is a part of a Social Dance Group. They do mostly old time dances from what I understand. They had a performance this past weekend in honor of Veterans Day. Hannah posted pictures from the day on her Facebook, and when I saw the picture below I gasped out loud.

Photo by Hannah S.

Besides the fact that THOSE DRESSES ARE AMAZING AND I WILL BE MAKING THEM, I really liked the idea behind it. United we are stronger than by ourselves. Plus, um, those hats! So I began to look at more of these and found so many that made me laugh, cry, and feel just a little Patriotic (sorry Dad), that I had to share. So in Honor of Veteran's Day (which I don't actually know when it is), here are some of my favourite posters I found.

Thanks again to Hannah for the inspiration!

I secretly dream of being some sort of Vixen Spy (who apparently doesn't wear a bra) someday.

When I was in sixth grade I wanted to be a nurse for about a week. Then I saw blood and that became out of the question. If I had been a nurse, I'd insist on bring back cute nurse clothes. Screw scrubs.

I think I'd have done well joining WAVES. I look darn good in Navy Blue.
She kinda looks like she's taking his order though...

Even Coke gets in on the action. Nothings more American.

I love this one! It was actually a Hoover Ad.

A British Poster. This is heartbreaking and creepy. I do not want a ghost of Hitler whispering in my ear.
But in all seriousness I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like for women to have to send their children away, or even leave their homes behind themselves knowing they might not come back to it.

I actually cried when I saw this one. I can only imagine how many young women worked in factories, building planes, and tanks, and whatnot, saying silent prayers for their someone over seas.

Yeah. The tear did me in.

Seeing as how Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I thought this appropriate. Families spending Holidays while missing someone who may or may not come home. Young men missing their families whom they may never see again. Can you imagine being a soldier trying to find something to be thankful for? Or someone locked in a camp with not escape in sight? We have alot to be thankful for.

Now for a bit of humor. Notice "Hitler"'s handle is his hand hile-ing?

I'm not going to lie. I love me a Navy man. But I love her dress and hair more.
However the thought of being in a submarine freaks me out. So does scuba diving though.
I'm assuming this was a moral booster? Jeeze put a girl in nearly nothing in red, white, and blue
and instead of being slutty now she is helping the war effort. (I am really struggling to not make about seventy dirty jokes based on what I just said.) Great shoes.

The creme de la creme! I was actually shocked to see this. I was also (inappropriately) happy to see this. Remember guys, VD is not Victory. (The 12 year old boy in me is giggling ferociously!)

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  1. my fave is the one that made you cry and the "Beau" lovely.